Amanda Bartschenfeld '17

Business Administration (MBA), Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC) focus

St. Kate’s MBA is developing my management ability and business acumen.


Principal Communications Specialist, Medtronic

Why St. Kate's?

After several years within technical communication at Medtronic, Amanda wanted to get back to her roots. She had a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication, and a minor in management. Getting an MBA, says Amanda “was the obvious next step.”

“To ensure I was making the best decision, I researched all MBA programs in the Twin Cities,” she says. “I knew online-only wasn’t for me, and a hybrid program would be ideal. When I found the St. Kate’s MBA with the Integrated Marketing and Communications concentration, I thought it was too good to be true. I had previously thrown away my dreams of a communications graduate program because an MBA was more practical, and I wasn’t willing to do both separately. And now I wouldn’t need to! I get the best of exactly what I had dreamed of in one program.”

Building Experience

In addition to developing her management skills and business acumen, the St. Kate’s MBA program “is also helping me network with brilliant people from diverse backgrounds and forcing my brain to think in new ways,” she says.

After only a couple of semesters, Amanda noticed she was already approaching work differently. “I come to the office each day and am able to implement ideas from class the night before,” she explains. “I am becoming more strategic with my projects and planning, and I can feel myself turning into a manager.”


“I am essentially a journalist and communications consultant for our 85,000+ employees,” Amanda says. “I am loving it! I am so glad I found the St. Kate’s MBA program.”