Alma Silver '20

Communication Studies and Journalism

St. Kate’s is safe, welcoming and inclusive.


River Falls, Wisconsin

Why St. Kate's?

“When I first toured campus, it was love at first sight. One year later, I absolutely feel the same way. I truly feel that St. Kate’s is my home and feel fortunate to live in such a vibrant environment and community of scholars.”

Building Experience

“I’ve always been passionate about social advocacy, especially for disability rights, since middle school when I would write letters to the school board arguing for desegregation of special education. However, St. Kate’s has given me invaluable opportunities to explore that passion and act on it.

By becoming involved on Student Senate and engaging with events such as Campus Ministry’s post-presidential election forum and St. Kate’s Day at the Capitol, I’ve grown more assertive and empowered as a Katie — and I look forward to future opportunities to expand my advocacy skills.”

Advice for Students

“Embrace the journey! Beginning in college means embarking on a new path that is wonderful, confusing, exhilarating and scary all at once. Be patient with yourself as you transition to life as a Katie, and remember that while acquaintances are easy to make, genuine friendships will take time to develop. If you embrace the whirlwind of changes with confidence, courage and an open mind, more doors will open before you than you could have ever imagined.”