Alex Kennedy '15, MSN'19

Bachelor's Degree in Biology, minors in Psychology and Spanish, Nursing: Entry-Level

People come here to truly learn. They are focused on their studies, as well as on developing their opinions and beliefs in order to make a difference.


West Boylston, Massachusetts

Why St. Kate's?

Alex didn’t want to feel like a number at the big colleges back home, and St. Kate’s offered the intimate college experience she desired.

"The students were friendly, and I enjoyed the connections I made with my professors."

Alex chose St. Kate's again, starting the Masters of Science in Nursing Entry Level (MSNEL) program in February 2017. She describes it as “intense, but a great fit.”

“I loved St. Kate’s during my time as an undergrad. So, I knew this was the place to be if I could get into the master’s program — and, fortunately, I did!”

Building Experience

In her first year as an undergrad, Alex had the opportunity to join biology professor Marcie Myers’ KidCarry research project. Her responsibilities included researching indigenous tribes with women who carry heavy loads on a daily basis and testing a variety of carrying devices. In spring 2013, she co-presented results from the study at the 3rd Annual American Association of Physical Anthropologists Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Alex studied abroad in Ecuador over J-term her senior year. That was an “eye-opening experience on a variety of social movements,” and it led to work with Fulbright Scholar and St. Kate’s professor Allison Adrian — on the effects of changes in music within indigenous Ecuadorean communities, in particular on women and girls.

Alex created a mini-documentary that was shown at a Latin American studies conference in fall 2015, and photos taken for their research — by Alex and Dr. Adrian, themselves — were displayed in a museum exhibit in Cuenca, Ecuador. “It was a great collaborative experience, and from day one, Allison treated me as an equal.”

Away from class and research projects, Alex founded and served as co-president of the Out of State Club (for non-Minnesota students), participated in the Spanish Club, and was the volunteer coordinator for the Medical Interest Group.

She also held jobs on campus producing promotional videos for the University in its Marketing and Communications office and blogging about research for the biology department.


After earning her bachelor’s degree from St. Kate’s, Alex knew she wanted to pursue graduate studies in a healthcare field. She spent a year at home in Massachusetts working several part-time jobs, which allowed her the flexibility to do a lot of shadowing and informational interviews in different healthcare settings.

While job shadowing, Alex connected with a nurse who worked at an inpatient psychiatric unit and brought her dogs to see patients every week. That’s when she decided to apply to St. Kate’s MSNEL program!

“There’s certainly a great amount to learn over these next two years, but I’m excited to see where this next degree will take me.”