Graduate Admission

Take your education to the next level with a graduate degree from St. Kate's.

  • St. Catherine University Graduate Students

    Graduate Certificates, Master’s Degrees and Doctoral Programs

    Are you ready to develop advanced skills for ethical leadership, critical thinking and communication? Prepare to take your leaderships skills beyond the classroom — into your profession, your community and the lives of others. Experiencing one of St. Kate’s coeducational graduate programs will inspire you to engage as a global citizen who embraces compassion and professionalism.

  • Academic Degree Programs

    Where Our Students Dive Deeper

    Whether it was last semester or last decade, your undergraduate degree(s) gave you a solid foundation. Now that you’ve discovered your interests and passions, you’re ready to dive deeper into a specialty area and earn a master’s degree, graduate certificate or doctorate.

    St. Kate’s has offered coeducational advanced degree programs for more than 30 years, and we now have sixteen graduate degree programs and six certificate programs, including business, education, health, social work, library and information science, theology and interpreting studies.

  • Admissions Counselors

    Meet Your Guide

    Find admission counselors who specialize in the program that interests you so they can personally assist you with the application and admission process.

  • Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

    Paying for Graduate School

    Visit the Office of Financial Aid for a complete list of tuition rates and student fees as well as suggestions on finding financial aid, including scholarships or assistantships, workplace tuition reimbursement, student employment and more.

  • Career Development

    Begin with the End in Mind

    Where do you want your graduate degree or certificate to take you? Apply to St. Kate’s knowing you will have access to professional assistance with test preparation, career counseling, resume writing, internships and finding practical experiences.

  • Student Life

    Find Your People

    What is the most valuable takeaway for most graduate students? Relationships. Expand your interpersonal network by participating in clubs, campus activities, study groups and more.