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    Welcome to St Kate's!

    Welcome to the St. Catherine University community.

    St. Kate’s is a special place to me. Since my earliest memories, St. Kate’s has played a central role in my life. It is a place that has influenced the personal growth and professional pursuits of my family for three generations. As a kid, my grandmother—class of 1926—would bring my sister and me to this beautiful campus to play and be among the beauty in the middle of this great capitol city. As a young man, I decided to follow in the career footsteps of a mentor of mine—my mother. An alumna of the Class of 1960, she took the foundation of a St. Kate’s education and carved out a career in higher education that was so inspirational to me that I had to follow. And my sister—truly a hero of mine from the days I first recall looking up at her —showed me the way to be successful in college when she came here in the fall of 1984 to pursue an education that laid the groundwork that has helped her be successful in business, at home, and in her community.

    This is a special place for young women. It’s a special place for the men and women who are touched by those who are invited and decide that this is the place to pursue an education that allows them to chase their dreams and make a difference in their communities, families, and the world in which we live.

    Throughout its history, St. Catherine University has remained committed to the pursuit of excellence through the offering of academic programs and a campus life experience that seeks to meet the needs of our students while they are here and prepares them to lead and influence when they step into the next phase of their lives.

    St. Kate's offers a challenging, yet supportive environment. Theory and practice converge here. Coursework is vast in scope and substantive in depth. Teaching by renowned scholars is the very cornerstone of the academic experience here. Opportunities to become immersed in the problems affecting our local neighborhood or the far reaches of the globe are abundant here. We look forward to helping you explore all that we have to offer and look forward to assisting you as you plan your future.


    Dan Thompson
    Dean of Enrollment