Assess Award Package

Award Assessment and Authorization

Financial aid awards are prepared throughout the summer on a first-come, first-serve basis for students who have submitted all application materials.

  • Your award package details your eligible aid awards from federal, state, and private sources. It is based on average enrollment for your program as well as your housing selection, and is considered your 'estimated need'. The suggested need in your letter is best used as a general guideline and not a rule. We recommend that you calculate your own personal expenses using our Cost of Attendance Worksheets to better assess your individual financial needs when deciding what kind of aid to authorize.
  • Use our 2020-2021 Financial Aid Information Guide (PDF) to better understand types of aid, eligibility requirements, and costs and payment.
  • Please let us know via the Revision Request form if you make changes to your housing, registration credits, or FAFSA information. Awards are subject to change based on this information.

Authorize Your Award

Once you have assessed your award offers and personal financial needs, you need to decide what aid to authorize from your award package. You have the right to decline any particular type of financial aid or other assistance listed on the award letter. Should you choose to decline aid, please notify us via the Revision Request form.

  • Grants and Scholarships do not need to be repaid. We assume you will accept these awards. Grant and scholarship money will be posted to your account automatically when financial aid is disbursed for the year.
  • Loans must be authorized or declined each year, so we do not assume that you will accept loans. If you choose to authorize a loan, go on to Step 4: Apply for Loans. The authorization process for each loan will be different. Remember, you may choose to borrow any, all or none of the loan funds, depending upon your needs. Should you choose to decline a loan, please notify us via the Revision Request form.
  • Work Study: If you are interested in working on campus to meet your work-study award, more information is available on our student employment page.

Outside Scholarship or Grant Recipients

An outside scholarship, grant or benefit not listed on your award may affect your financial aid package. You are required to report outside funding, including any Veteran’s Education Benefits, to us. Please use our Outside Aid form to do so. Outside scholarship and grant money is posted to student accounts once the funding is received.