Institutional Advancement has been working in consultation with Academic Affairs and the Business Office to improve processes related to philanthropic gift funds budgeting and management. The goal is to make certain that spending on philanthropic gift funds is timely, in accordance with donor intent, and complements your operating budgets. In addition, these funds need to be accompanied by a stewardship process that ensures our benefactors are properly acknowledged for and informed about the use of their contributions.

SPREE, along with Institutional Advancement and the Business Office, work to support faculty and staff in management of their philanthropic gift funds. Below are resources available for the University community to aid in utilizing their gift funds.

Gift Fund Annual Report 

Gift Fund Budget Template

Gift Fund FY Expense Report (Argos API)

Gift Fund Budgeting 101 Workshops

Date Time Location
Tuesday, March 17 11:30–12:30 p.m. CDC 362

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Gift Fund Budgeting 101 Workshop slides

Have questions or need support?

Contact SPREE for budgeting, planning, resources, forms, leadership approvals, HR liaison, etc.

Contact IA Stewardship for donor communication, reporting, historical records, and fund purpose research.

Contact the Business Office for expenses, payments, accounting, and payroll.