Managing Award Agreements

Award Agreements

SPREE requires electronic copies of application guidelines, final submitted proposal and proposal budget to accept an award. PI and SPREE review award terms, budget and scope of work. SPREE facilitates proposed changes and accepts the award on behalf of the University.

Change Requests and Approvals

Once an award is accepted, changes to terms, scope or budget require written funder approval. SPREE facilitates the change process.

No-Cost Extensions

Written funder approval to extend an award must be initiated at least 90 days before the end of the award term. New expenses cannot be processed after an award expires.

Departure of a PI with an Active Grant Award

A departing PI may request equipment purchased with sponsor funds when critical to their—but not other St. Kate’s faculty members’—research. Award terms sometimes prohibit equipment disposition.

Post Award Agreement

Each award agreement contains unique terms, such as accounting or compliance rules. A post-award agreement and meeting initiates the start of each new award and offers SPREE, the PI, and other senior, externally-sponsored staff to get versed in the requirements unique to their award.

The Post Award Agreement facilitates grants management and compliance by defining:

  • SPREE/PI expectations
  • Award start and end dates
  • Approved award budget
  • Research compliance requirements
  • Account set-up
  • Purchasing practices
  • Personnel, consultant, and subaward templates, where applicable
  • Reporting requirements and timelines
  • Sponsor recognition or publication requirements
  • Abstract or citations for Sophia research showcase

Budget Management

The PI is responsible for managing the sponsor budget. Expenses in excess of or not allowed in the award budget will be charged to the PI’s home department. SPREE interacts monthly via email with PI's to reconcile actual expenses against the award budget and meets with PI for reconciliation on the following schedule:

  • For awards over $100,000, at least quarterly
  • For awards between $10,000 and $100,000, at least twice a year
  • For awards under $10,000, at least annually

Purchasing Information for Grants

  • SPREE's approval and signature are required to process all grant expenses.
  • Ensure accurate Banner number and account for each payment or reimbursement.
  • Copy SPREE on purchases made through alternative avenues, such as online.
  • Original receipts with grant account numbers are required to process payment.
  • PIs must reconcile expenses for award-specific P-cards monthly.
  • PI's approve expenses up to $5,000; PI’s dean or controller approve from $5,000 to $25,000; vice presidents or the president’s assistant approve from $25,000 to $50,000; the president, CFO, or president's assistant approve $50,000+.
  • To avoid paying sales tax as a nonprofit organization, use St. Kate’s Minnesota Certificate of Exemption at the time of purchase. If you are purchasing online, review the sales tax refund instructions.

Sales tax refund instructions

Personnel Management

Hiring and pay practices, whether through University or sponsor funds, follow University human resources policies and procedures for faculty, staff, and students. SPREE ensures personnel roles align with the award terms, sufficient funds exists to pay personnel and personnel on expiring awards are terminated from grant accounts. All new hires paid with sponsor funds are pre-approved through the grant approval form.

  • Employment forms are available for personnel actions involving staff, students and faculty.
  • Hiring documentation such as the personnel action form and faculty contract request form must include accounting code, sponsor name, work description, begin/end date, and FTE.
  • Compensation and raises are determined by St. Kate's leadership, not sponsor budgets.
  • Employment letters must note position start/end dates, which are aligned with the award term.
  • SPREE automatically stops payroll based on award end dates.
  • SPREE retains personnel forms in the appropriate grant folders for audit.

SPREE is able to assist you with your personnel management.

Contracts Management

Sub-awards, consulting and other agreements paid with sponsor funds must be processed through SPREE to ensure forms align with University policies and sponsor requirements.

Subaward Agreements

  • SPREE drafts subaward agreement per sponsor terms and partners’ approved work plan and budget.
  • SPREE signs and routes the completed subaward package for signature.
  • PIs review subawardee performance and route signed invoices/receipts to SPREE for processing.
  • Sponsors' written approval is needed to reallocate sub-award funds or initiate new subawards.

Consulting Agreements

  • St. Kate's employees cannot be consultants.
  • PI uses Consultant Form for contracts under $500 or Consultant Agreement if above $500.
  • A contractor-completed W-9 must be attached to each form.
  • PI reviews consultant’s invoices, performance and receipts before routing to SPREE for payment.

Subaward agreement sample

Consultant form

Consultant agreement sample