Vincent Skemp

Associate Professor


Ph.D., Biblical Studies
Catholic University of America, Washington D.C., District of Columbia, 1999

St. Catherine University. (2004). Twice nominated for teacher-advisor of the year award. Once finalist.

Sister Antonine O’Brien Award for Foreign Study (2014). (3000.00)

ACDC Curriculum Development Grant for Wabash (2011).

Associate Professor, St. Catherine University, 2013–2014

Skemp, V. (2011). “Learning by Example: Exempla in Jerome’s Translations and Revisions of Biblical Books.” Vigiliae Christianae 65 (2011) 257-284. (65, 257-284)

Skemp, V. "Five Scrolls, Vulgate." Emanuel Tov; general editor; Michael Graves, area editor, Textual History of the Bible, Vol. I: the Hebrew Bible. Leiden, Brill

Skemp, V. (2012). "Peter: Friend and Disciple of Jesus." Women with Spirit Bible Study, Pax Christi Parish, Eden Prairie, MN