Pat Fahey Bacon

Associate Professor


I was born in Iowa and moved to Minnesota at young age—I lived in rural Minnesota for most of my life. I practiced as a RN in Fairmont, where I developed a love for ER. I graduated from MN State University, Mankato with my MSN with Family Nurse Practitioner focus in 2004. I relocated to the metropolitan area and practiced in Apple Valley, Minnesota. I now practice in rural Minnesota.

I received my Doctor in Nursing Practice from St. Catherine University in 2012. My research focus was Cultivating Caring in Nursing Education. My philosophy of caring for others, supporting social justice, equality for all, and being respectful of others supported my research.

I presented my research at the London's Women's Leadership Symposium in December 2012. I was grateful for this opportunity to share my research and will continue to pursue caring in all aspects of my life and my life work.

I began teaching at St. Catherine University in 2015 and teach in the Adult-Geriatric NP Program. The Adult-Geriatric NP Program melds well with my current practice. I see all age groups in my clinical practice in rural Minnesota, but I specialize in adult and senior patients.

Doctor of Nursing Practice, Nursing Practice
St. Catherine University, 2012

Master of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner
Minnesota State University, Mankato, Minnesota, 2004

Spring 2016

  • NURS 6223 Adv Pharm across the Lifespan
  • NURS 6335 Primary Care I: Adults

Fall 2015

  • NURS 6140 Advanced Health Assessment

Nursing Faculty (on-line), Chamberlain College of Nursing, 2015–2016

Associate Professor, St. Catherine University, 2015–Present

Family Nurse Practitioner, Madelia Hospital and Clinic, 2012–Present

Nursing Faculty, Presentation College, 2007–2015

Family Nurse Practitioner, Whitesell Medical Staffing, 2011–2012

Family Nurse Practitioner, Smart Clinic, 2007–2012

ER Family Nurse Practitioner, Acute Care, Inc., 2007–2009

Nursing Faculty, Minnesota State University, Mankato, 2008

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