Mary Hearst

Program Director for Master of Public Health/Associate Professor


My public health experience ranges from local to international, community to academic. I spent several years working at a local health department in a very challenged community. My role included internal functions of grant writing and assessment and external functions of community board and intervention participation related to reducing the effects of racism and social inequities on health. I received my PhD in Epidemiology in 2007, with an emphasis in Social Epidemiology. I spent five years focused on research before joining St. Catherine University.

Equitable and true opportunity for all.

I am committed to address the mechanisms by which social, political and economic factors negatively impact health outcomes in order to promote a just society, challenging injustice and valuing diversity.

The mission is accomplished by:

  1. Efforts to change or develop policies and programs aimed at eliminating racial and economic disparities;
  2. Advancing methodologies to accurately, ethically and respectfully assess conditions;
  3. Equipping a diverse and talented student body with the tools to become change agents for the world’s most pressing issues.

My research is focused on two primary avenues. Family and community based childhood obesity prevention in low income, multi-ethnic populations. I am particularly interested in advancing methodology and translational science. The second area of research is optimizing early life chances through interventions aimed at the intersection of health and education. My work is both international and domestic. See my publications and grants for more detail.

Ph.D. in Epidemiology
University of Minnesota School of Public Health, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, Minneapolis, MN, 2007

Master of Public Health
University of Minnesota School of Public Health, Minneapolis, MN, 1999
Area of concentration: Public Health Administration

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 1990

Faculty mentor recognition by All-University Student Leadership Awardees, Undergraduate Research and Teaching Excellence (2017)

Faculty mentor recognition by All-University Student Leadership Awardees (2016)

Faculty mentor recognition by All-University Student Leadership Awardees (2015)

Faculty mentor recognition by All-University Student Leadership Awardee (2014)

Transdisciplinary Research on Energetics and Cancer Career Training Award (2008–2010)

Children, Youth and Families Consortium: 2007-2008 Advancing Interdisciplinary Research and Action on Health and Education Disparities (2008)

Travel Scholarship and invitation to Methodological Workshop, Society for Epidemiologic Research (2007)

Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship, University of MN Graduate School (2006–2007)

HLTH 3150 Epidemiology
HLTH 4800 Senior Seminar
HLTH 4994/6993 Enhancing Futures through Service and Learning in Zambia
HLTH 6390 Global Noncommunicable Diseases
HLTH 6720 Social Determinants of Health in the Caribbean
HLTH 7100 MPH Practicum
HLTH 7200 MPH Capstone

Pending Research Support

NIH NHLBI: The home food environment: Enhancing methodology (PI: Fukerson, co-I Hearst)
Under preparation. Submission June, 2016.

6/1/2016-9/1/2016/ 9/1/2016-8/31/2020 (Hearst)
Better Way Foundation: Serving the Whole Child
Under preparation. Planning grant and implementation extension. Submission April, 2016/August, 2016
Role: Principal Investigator

Ongoing Research Support

10/1/2017-6/30/2018 (Hearst) $15,000
Global Innovation Funds from St. Catherine University: Nourish Plus Nurture: Impacting the double child development burden in the first 1000 days
This grant is for formative assessment/exploration of developing a group randomized trial in Indonesia with Hellen Keller International aimed at testing community based interventions to improve child outcomes.

7/1/2017-6/30/2019 (Hearst, Rabaey) $247,984
GHR Foundation: Kusamala+
This grant is a pilot intervention grant. It consists of enumerating CWD in the Kanyama district and developing and implementing a TOT model. This is an interprofessional team includes OT, PT, PA, SW, Public Health, nutrition, SPOON Foundation and Dr. Dana Johnson. This is the product of the planning grant from 2016-17.

10/18/2016-12/31/2020 (Hearst) $1.1 million
Better Way Foundation: Serving the Whole Child
Four year community-university program implementation and evaluation project. The aims of this grant are to provide high quality health and education interventions for children aged 3-5 from diverse, low income backgrounds, provide parent enrichment activities and connect families to needed resources.
Role: Principal Investigator

4/1/2016-11/1/2016 (Hearst)
GHR Foundation: Children with Disabilities in Zambia
This $43,165 grant is a planning grant to assess the conditions of children with disabilities living in community and institutional settings in Zambia. The interprofessional team includes OT, PT, PA, Nursing, SW, Public Health, nutrition, SPOON Foundation and Dr. Dana Johnson. The planning grant is expected to yield a multi-year implementation grant.

6/1/2013-5/30/2016 (Hearst)
Better Way Foundation: Community-Academic Partnership: Montessori Partners Serving All Children
This is a $513,000 grant aimed at establishing a community university partnership between Montessori Training Center, affiliate Montessori schools and St. Catherine University. The goal is to improve child health and education outcomes among high risk youth by addressing health, education and social support for children, parents and Interprofessional staff.
Role: Principal Investigator

12/1/2012 – 11/30/2017 (Nanney)
NIH: Addressing Obesity Among Young Adults in Rural Communities. This study will use a group randomized cohort study of rural schools and students to improve participation in a school breakfast program. My role has been for methodological consultation, development of process evaluation and recruitment and retention procedures.
Submitted: June, 2011
Role: Co-Investigator

6/1/2014-5/30/2016 (Hearst)
Better Way Foundation: Serving the Whole Child
This is a $53,000 grant aimed at establishing a comparison sample as part of the Montessori Partners Serving All Children grant.
Role: Principal Investigator

Completed Research Support (of which I was Principal Investigator)

7/1/2014-5/30/2015 (Hearst)
Academic Professional Development Grant: Using technology for data collection among low-literacy populations.
This grant is a $7,500 grant aimed at developing a technology application for data collection among low literacy populations. The grant was used for development and field testing.

8/11-7/12 (Hearst)
Obesity Consortium of Minnesota: Validation of the Home Food Inventory among Spanish and Somali Families. ($20,000)
This study aimed to refine and validate a home food inventory tool for low-income Somali and Hispanic families. The study was successfully implemented, and the instrument showed good criterion validity, particularly with a summative variable that categorized the home food healthfulness. The obesogenic score had a kappa = 0.57, sensitivity = 97.8%, specificity = 70.6% and Spearman correlation = 0.78.
Role: Principal Investigator

1/1/2012-12/2012 (Hearst)
Obesity Consortium of Minnesota: Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among Somali Families: The FAV-S study ($20,000)
This study aimed to determine the feasibility, acceptability and impact of an education intervention to increase overall number of servings of fruits and vegetables Somali mothers provided their children 3-10 years old. The intervention was an Academic-Community Partnership with WellShare International. The intervention consisted of a community health worker home visiting model with nutrition education, skill development and field trips. The intervention was completed in September 2012. Preliminary results suggest the program is feasible with high participant acceptability.
Role: Principal Investigator

6/1/09-5/31/14 (Hearst)
UMN Children, Youth and Families Consortium Scholars program: Social Determinants of Child Well-Being: Opportunity, health and school readiness disparities (Total: $90,000 over 4 years)
The purpose of this funding was to support academic growth around community based participatory research and research around health and education disparities.
Role: Principal Investigator and Scholar

Un-funded research

Robert Wood Johnson, Healthy Eating Research: Eighteen year trends in dietary quality of menu items of fast food restaurants using the HEI-2010. (PI: Hearst)
This is a $83,137 grant aims to examine trends in the nutritional quality of menu offering over the past 18 years for five fast food restaurants, 16 years for three and begin baseline analysis for seven additional restaurants using the HEI-2010. Submitted October, 2015. If accepted, grant to begin February 1, 2016.

Teaching Experience

  • St. Catherine University: Senior Seminar, Epidemiology, Independent Study, Social Determinants of Health in the Caribbean: An Interprofessional Experience, Global Studies, 2012–Present
  • Walden University: Epidemiology, 2011–2012
  • University of Minnesota: Fundamentals of Social and Behavioral Science (online); Fundamentals of Alcohol and Drug Abuse for Teacher Education (online), 2010–2012
  • College of St. Catherine: Program Development and Evaluation, 2007–2010
  • Teaching Assistant, University of Minnesota Division of Epidemiology and Community
    Health Classes include: Fundamentals of Epidemiology (online) Secondary Data Analysis using Stata; SAS; Complex Survey Data Analysis, 2004–2007

Work Experience

SPOON Foundation
Senior Advisor, 2015–Present

St. Catherine University
Associate Professor, Director of Public Health Program, 2012–Present

University of Minnesota, Division of Epidemiology
Adjunct Instructor, 2012–Present

University of Minnesota, Division of Epidemiology
Research Associate, 2007–2012

University of MN, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health
Research Assistant, 2003–2007

Genesee County Health Department
Community Health Analyst, 2000–2003

College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, MN
Clinical Coordinator, 1998–1999

Fairview University Medical
Clinical Specialist and Occupational Therapist, 1996–1998

Caritas Albania, Tirane, Albania
Program Development Consultant, 1995–1996

Occupational Therapy Acute Rehabilitation, Samaritan Rehabilitation Institute
Neurospecialist, 1993–1995

Occupational Therapy, McKay Dee Rehabilitation Center, Ogden, UT
Caseload Coordinator, 1991–1992



  • Chair Faculty and Staff Search Committees (2013–Present)
  • Public Health Club Advisor (2012–2014)
  • EpiCH P&A Promotions Committee (2008–2011)
  • PhD Student Group Coordinator, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, University of MN (2005–2006)
  • Division Advisory Committee Representative, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, University of MN (2005–2006)
  • Social Epidemiology Workgroup Administrator (2003–2007)


  • University Faculty Committee (2013–Present)
    Visibility and ACC
  • IPE Developmental Task Force (2013–14)
    EWO ad hoc
    Search committees (business, economics)
  • Program in Health Disparities Research, University of Minnesota School of Public Health (2009–2012)
  • Health Disparities Workgroup member; participant on Research Subcommittee, University of MN (2008–2012)

Professional Community

  • MPHA: Global Subcommittee, MPHA Annual Conference Planning Committee
  • APHA: International and Food and Nutrition subcommittee
  • Medical Advisory Board, SPOON Foundation (2011–Present) Travel to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Beijing (partnership development, data collection, training)
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer for Social Science and Medicine (2006–current); Addiction (2007), Pediatrics and Perinatal Epidemiology (2008–Present), Community Engaged Scholarship for Health (2009–Present), Youth and Society (2010–Present), Public Health Nutrition (2010–Present), Health and Place (2009–Present), Medicine in Science in Sports and Exercise (2009–Present), American Journal of Public Health (2010–Present), Preventive Medicine (2010–Present)
  • National Council for Scientific Research Grant Reviewer (2011)
  • Minnesota State Department of Health, Statewide Health Improvement Program grant reviewer (2011)
  • NIH Grant Reviewer: Conference (R13) Grant Review (2009)
  • NIH Grant Reviewer: Statistical and Computational Approaches for Childhood Obesity Special Panel (2009)
  • Grant reviewer: General Mills Youth Nutrition and Fitness Grants (2005–2009)

Under review and in progress

Grannon, K, Wang, Q, Larson, N, Hearst, M.O., Berge, J, Nanney, MS, Caspi, C. Second Chance Breakfast. (in progress)

Hearst, M.O., Kehm, B., Jimbo, F., Wang, Q., Grannon, K., Nanney, M.S., Caspi, C. Breakfast is Brain Food? The effect on GPA of a rural group randomized to promote school breakfast. (in progress)

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Hearst, M.O. Addressing Health and Education Disparities in Low-income Families with Young Children: Lessons Learned as a Community Engaged Scholar. JCEHE (under review)

Martin, L, Fan, Y., Duke, N. Hearst, M. O., Jordan, C. The CYFC Learning Circle: An Example of Capacity Building in the Academy for Engaged Team Science JCEHE (under review)

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Hearst, M. O., Shanafelt, A., Wang, Q., Leduc, R., Nanney, M.S. "Altering the School Breakfast Environment Reduces Barriers to School Breakfast Participation Among Diverse Rural Youth." J Sch Health (2018). 88(1): 3-8.


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