John Boatright

Department Chair/Associate Professor


Ph.D., Education - Curriculum and Instruction
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Minnesota, 2008

Master of Arts, Philosophy
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus, Minnesota, 1992

Bachelor of Science, Allied Health Education
Indiana University School of Education, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1977

Associate of Science, Respiratory Therapy
Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1976

St Catherine University. (2012). 30 years of service

Director Respiratory Care Dept., St. Catherine University, 1982–Present

Lead Advanced Practitioner Surgical Intensive Care, University of Minnesota, Hospital and Clinics, 1980–1982

Co-coordinator - Respiratory Care Services, Alaska Area Native Health Service United States Public Health Service Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1977–1979

Book Chapter

Boatright, J. & Ward, J. (2015). Chapter 13, Therapeutic Gases: Manufacture, Storage and Delivery and Chapter 14, Therapeutic Gases: Management and Administration. Dean R. Hess, Respiratory Care: Principles And Practice 3rd edition (also 2nd edition author), Jones & Bartlett


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