Geraldine Chavis



Geri Chavis is a professor of English and Women’s Studies at St. Catherine University. Her specialties include Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century British and American literature; the genres of the novel and poetry; and courtship, marriage and family themes in literature.

Dr. Chavis is also a licensed psychologist, certified poetry therapist, master mentor-supervisor and the current President of the National Association for Poetry Therapy, a professional organization devoted to promoting the use of language, story and metaphor for personal development and mental health. She has extensive experience teaching courses and facilitating workshops in poetry therapy in the U.S., Ireland and Great Britain. Her latest book is entitled Poetry and Story Therapy: The Healing Power of Creative Expression, and she is currently working on a book dealing with British courtship novels, entitled Who’s Protecting Whom: Heroes, Heroines and Danger in British Courtship Novels From 1740-1920.

As an enthusiastic advocate of interdisciplinary learning and teaching, Geri has taught and co-taught a variety of interdisciplinary courses involving the integration of literary works with women’s studies, history, biology, theology, holistic health studies, social work, film studies, counseling and developmental psychology and art history. In relation to both her teaching and research, Geri loves to travel and gather teaching props and particularly enjoys teaching Study Abroad courses.

  • History of courtship literature and practice
  • Poetry Therapy/Bibliotherapy
  • Marriage and family relationships in literature
  • British Romanticism
  • Women Studies
  • Influence Studies focusing on paired authors

Ph.D. in English Literature and Language
Syracuse University, 1973

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology
University of St. Thomas, 1983

Master of Arts in English Literature and Language
Syracuse University, 1969

Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude. Major: English; Minor: Education
City College of New York, 1967

National Association for Poetry Therapy. (2016). Elected President.

St. Catherine University. (2014). Faculty Mentor Recognition Award.

St. Catherine University. (2011). Bonnie Jean Kelly and Joan Kelly Faculty Excellence Award.

St. Catherine University Alumnae Association Myser Family Foundation. (2009). Teaching Excellence Award.

Abigail McCarthy Center for Women. (2008). Women’s Research and Creative Work Award for article, “Courtship Danger in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility."

National Federation for Biblio/Poetry Therapy. (2008). Awarded the status of Master Mentor/Supervisor, a designation reserved for those who are qualified to train future mentor/supervisors in the field of biblio/poetry therapy.

National Association for Poetry Therapy. (2007). Art Lerner Pioneer Award for bringing poetry therapy to the Republic of Ireland and work in Glasgow and Cornwall.

Jane Austen Society of North America. (2005). Mentor for Student Essay Contest Winner.

National Assoc. for Poetry Therapy. (2003). Outstanding Achievement Award Winner.

St. Catherine University. (1999–2002). Sister Mona Riley Endowed Professorship in Humanities.

National Association for Poetry Therapy. (1990). Outstanding Service Award.

Syracuse University. (1967–1970). National Defense Education Act 3 Year Fellowship for Graduate Study.

City College of New York. (1967). Phi Beta Kappa, Gamma Chapter.

City College of New York. (1963–1965). Selected Students Program.

UMAIE Study Abroad Course Award for Summer (2015)

St. Catherine University Study Abroad Award for Summer (2015)

St. Catherine University Carondelet Scholars Program Grants (2012–2016)

St. Catherine University Study Abroad Award for Summer (2007)

Bush Foundation Grant for Research (1982)

Marie Ursule Faculty Grant (1980)

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship (1974) – Seminar for College Teachers – Harold Bloom, Yale University

  • Marriage and Family in Literature
  • Tales of Courtship and Seduction
  • Literature for Growth and Healing
  • British Writers and the Woman Question” (Study Abroad Course/ History and Literature)
  • American Writers (1870–1940)
  • Human Experience in Literature
  • British Writers II: Romantics Realists and Reformers.
  • Senior Seminar: Woolf and Lawrence: Two Modernist Voices
  • Novels Into Film/ Literature Into Film
  • Quality of Life: Mind, Body and Spirit Through the Life Stages
  • Jane Austen’s Novels: Then and Now
  • The Female Hero from Ancient to Contemporary Times
  • Literature in Sickness and Health
  • Beauty, Poetry and Revelation (Literature and Theology)
  • The Power of Poetry
  • Short Story: Slices of Life and Striking Revelations
  • The Dance of Life: Courtship in Humans and Other Animals (Literature and Biology)
  • Drama: On the Page and on the Stage
  • Psychological Realism & Social Protest: Turn of the Century Lit (1870–1920)
  • Virginia Woolf-Katherine Mansfield Senior Seminar
  • Wild Women and Saints: Images of Women in 19th Century British, French and American Fiction
  • The Sixties in America (Literature and History)
  • Gender Issues: Stereotypes and Realities (Literature and Social Work)
  • Introduction to Poetry/Bibliotherapy: Theory and Practice
  • Intermediate Poetry Therapy: Expanding and Deepening the Practice of Poetry Therapy

Mentor/Supervision of Poetry Therapy Trainees from the U.S., Great Britain and Ireland, 2002–Present

Consultant for Revised edition of Nicholas Mazza’s Poetry Therapy: Interface of the Arts and Psychology, 2015

Panel Moderator- for Special Event, “The Healing Power of Poetry: Empowering Disenfranchised Youth through Self-Expression” (Richard Gold and his Pongo Project). Sponsored by St. Catherine University’s English Department and School of Social Work, 2015

Reviewer of Jerry O’Neill’s manuscript, “Peach, Limestone & Green,” poems and prose on grieving the loss of a spouse, 2014

Clinical Work as Licensed Psychologist in Private Practice, Edina, MN, 1996–2013

Psychology Associate, Hamm Memorial Psychiatric Clinic, St. Paul, MN, 1990–1996

Counselor, Humanist Psychotherapy Center, Minneapolis, MN, 1983–1989


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