Dorothea Hansmeyer

Assistant Professor


I earned my Masters in Nursing Leadership at St. Catherine University. This pilot program was a collaborative venture between the Masters of Organizational Leadership (MAOL) and the Nurse Educator departments. I was interested in learning from both of these educational departments in order to challenge myself as a leader and educator. I strive to align my professional beliefs with my personal MAOL Leadership Credo. These are based on my five core beliefs:

  1. Listen with your mouth closed
  2. Question things
  3. Speak from your own voice
  4. Be patient with your journey
  5. Breathe

I strive to treat people with dignity and respect, develop cooperative relationships, follow through on promises and commitments, praise people for a job well done and actively listen to diverse points of view. I believe if I follow these ideals, my students will be heard, supported and assisted through the many challenges of nursing education.

Master of Arts, Nursing/Leadership
St Catherine University, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2010

Registered Nursing License
R-131721-3, Minnesota Board of Nursing, St. Paul, Minnesota

Certified Nurse Educator
National League of Nursing, St. Paul, Minnesota

Spring 2016

  • NURS 2830 Care of Persons with Mental Health Issues
  • NURS 4130 Evidence Based Practice and Outcomes Management

Fall 2015

  • NURS 2830 Care of Persons with Mental Health Issues
  • NURS 3910 Empirical Foundations
  • NURS 3920 Professional Nursing: Theories Concepts, and Practice

Spring 2015

  • NURS 2830 Care of Persons with Mental Health Issues

Fall 2014

  • NURS 2830 Care of Persons with Mental Health Issues
  • NURS 2994 Topics

Spring 2014

  • NURS 2994 Topics

Fall 2013

  • NURS 2964 Topics
  • NURS 2994 Topics

Fall 2011

  • NURS 2800 Transition To The Professional Role
  • NURS 2810 Management Of Complex And Multiple Patients

Assistant Nursing Professor, St Catherine University, 2010–Present

Adjunct Nursing Professor, North Hennepin Community College, 2011–2012

Hansmeyer, D. & Project, C. (2016). CALM Project -Scholar Interdisciplinary project with Abbott and St. Catherine University Poster Presentation. Interprofessional Education Summit St. Catherine University: Design Thinking for People Centered Care: An Interprofessional Perspective

Hansmeyer, D. & Soko, H. (2015). Geriatric mental health addiction simulation: Assessment and evaluation in medical setting. 8th Annual Midwest Gerontological Nursing Education Alliance Meeting