Deep Shikha

Professor, Chair of Economics and Political Science


Deep Shikha, Ph.D. is Professor of Economics at St. Catherine University. Previously, she served as the associate dean for the School of Business and Leadership, Economics Department Chair, coordinator for the “Center for Women, Economic Justice, and Public Policy.” Her major fields of expertise are in financial economics, resource economics, gender economics, and quantitative business analysis. She has several workshop/presentations to her credit, and has authored/co-authored several articles. Recently, she has presented several workshops on the global financial climate.

Dr. Shikha has almost 35 years experience, primarily in the area of education. Dr. Shikha earned a BA, MA, and M.Phil. in Economics from Delhi School of Economics. She earned a Ph. D. in Economics/Quantitative Methods at Louisiana State University. She has been involved in grant work to include: research on the role of women in the economic development of India, Denny Grant, Instrumentation and Laboratory improvement (NSF-ILI) and many others.

  • Micro-economic development and women empowerment
  • Social capitalism
  • Global economic issues
  • Women’s issues in developing and developed economies

Ph.D., Economics
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1981–1985

Master of Philosophy, Economics
Delhi School of Economics

Shikha, D. & Arndt, J. (2012). Informal Education as a tool of Social Change.

Carol Easley Denny Award (2012).

Professor, Economics, St. Catherine University, 1990–Present

MBA director, St. Catherine University, 2013–2014

Senior Marketing Analyst, FDC, Inc., 1987–1990

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