David J. Roseborough, MDiv, MSW, PhD, LICSW, ACT

Associate Professor



I study psychotherapy and other mental health-related interventions as they occur in real-life practice settings. I use an approach called effectiveness research, which utilizes statistical approaches such as multilevel modeling and survival analysis in order to better understand “what works:” that is, to answer questions such as who gets better, in what ways, and when?

  • Certified Cognitive Therapist (CCT)
  • Diplomat in the Academy of Cognitive Therapy
  • Effectiveness research
  • Intent to treat designs
  • Longitudinal and time-series designs
  • Disorder-specific approaches to treatment

School of Social Work, The University of Minnesota, 2004

Master of Social Work, Clinical Social Work
College of St. Catherine and University of St. Thomas, 1996

Master of Divinity, Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
The Divinity School, Harvard University, 1994

Bachelor of Arts, Theology and Psychology, Minor in Hebrew
Valparaiso University, 1990

Associate Professor of Social Work, St. Catherine University & University of of St. Thomas, 2010–Present

Mental Health Professional (Clinical Social Worker & Psychotherapist), People, Incorporated, 2012–Present

Psychotherapist, Field Instructor, and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Provider, Children’s Home Society & Family Service, Inc., 1998–2001; 2003–2012

Assistant Professor of Social Work, St. Catherine University & University of of St. Thomas, 2004–2009

Adjunct Faculty, College of St. Catherine & University of St. Thomas, 2003

Primary Therapist, Hamm Memorial Psychiatric Clinic, 1998–2001

HIV/AIDS Lead Case Manager, Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation/HCMC, 1996–1998

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