Anne Maloney

Associate Professor


Ph.D., Existentialism, Medieval Philosophy
Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Summa Cum Laude, 1987

St. Catherine University Alumnae Association. (2006). Myser Award For Excellence in Teaching

Mount Mary College. (2000). Madonna Medal for Excellence in a Professional Field

College of St. Catherine. (1990). Annual Teaching Award

Maloney, A. (2012). Ransoming Gender: The History of Sex and Gender.

Maloney, A. (2010). Persons and Their Dignity Defined.

Maloney, A. (2009). Women and Embodiment: The Implications.

Associate Professor, St. Catherine University, 1987–Present

Visiting Lecturer, University of St. Thomas, 1997–2011

Teaching Fellow, Marquette University, 1982–1986

Book Chapter

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Journal Article

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Magazine or Trade Publication

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