Institutional Research, Planning & Accreditation

IRPA is the central administrative unit for gathering and reporting data at St. Kate's.

Institutional Research, Planning & Accreditation (IRPA) shares data that support the University's effectiveness, policy-making, planning, and decision-making. Access to collected data is available to the entire campus community upon request. We routinely write reports on major institutional research.

We believe evidence drives decisions. Let us help you with your research planning and practice.

Request a Report

To access St. Catherine University reports and surveys, email us asking for a data request form.

All ad hoc data requests, no matter how small, require the completion of this form. Priority may be given to requests most related to aspects of our institutional mission and/or strategic planning. All data requests will be honored to the best of our ability.

Contact Us

St. Paul Campus
Derham Hall | Room 10
2004 Randolph Avenue
Mailbox# 4258
St. Paul, MN 55105