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We offer many leading professional development, training and networking opportunities for women sales executives and emerging sales leaders. Take advantage of our spring 2019 course offerings.

Courses meet on our St. Paul campus in Mendel Hall, Room 110. St. Kate's alumnae receive a 10% discount.

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  • April 19

    Playing Well with Others: Relationship Skills for High Functioning Workplaces

    Friday, April 19 | 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

    Positive and supportive relationships create a work environment where team members can give their best. Conflict and relational discord are distractions that diminish productivity, divert energy, and destroy morale. How can you create a positive communication climate where employees feel valued and constructive conflict leads to growth?

    Most of us spend more time with co-workers than with family or other loved ones. Relationships at work matter, and relationship skills are essential career skills. Take this course to expand and enhance your skill set related to supporting others and resolving conflict.

    You will learn how to:

    • Employ the verbal communication that supports rather than disconfirms others
    • Understand and produce the verbal behaviors that reduce defensiveness Identify the five conflict styles and use this knowledge to choose the best communication approach to conflict situations
    • Apply a formula for collaboration to resolve conflict

    Elizabeth Otto is an assistant professor of communication studies at St. Catherine University. She has over 10 years of experience teaching interpersonal and small group communication to both traditional college-aged and adult students. Elizabeth has a master’s degree in communication studies.

  • May 2–3

    Excelling as a New Manager

    Thursday, May 2–Friday, May 3 | 9 a.m.–4 p.m.
    $800 | Register by April 26 and save $25.

    Designed for millennial managers who are promoted to their first leadership roles, this class prepares you to lead in a multi-generational workplace and act strategically.

    The pre-work for this class will be completing the Insights Discovery™ Assessment.

    Day 1

    Review of the Insights Discovery™ Assessment and your profile. Learn about yourself, your own style and how you can be successful managing your team.

    • Are you Red, Blue, Green or Yellow? What does your color tell you about being a leader?
    • You’ll learn about your own color/characteristics and how you can manage employees and manage successfully internally.
    Day 2

    A full day of skills building on how to become a more effective and strategic manager.

    • 90-day plan for success; what do you need to know and plan for to be successful
    • Conducting effective performance reviews
    • Setting goals and accountability for employees
    • Navigating corporate politics
    • Under-performing accounts; how to have productive meetings about performance
    • Managing remote teams

    Mary Jacobs, MA, director of the Center for Sales Innovation at St Kate’s, leads the undergraduate business-to-business and healthcare sales programs. She teaches courses in sales, ethics, customer intelligence and entrepreneurship. She facilitates the Sales Executive Forum with Twin Cities sales executives. Prior to St Kate’s, Mary was a sales leader working in Fortune 500 and 1000 companies. She is a passionate advocate for women in sales and women entrepreneurs.

    Margaret Smith, founder-UXLNow and Insights Discovery™ licensed practitioner. Margaret is a retired sales leader from 3M and led sales teams across the country for years that included several successful new product launches. Known for her effective management style, she teaches business leaders in the Twin Cities how to communicate and motivate teams to get their best performance. Since starting her company, UXLNow, Margaret has been facilitating classes using the Insights Discovery™ Assessment and helping managers learn about their own styles and working with others who have different styles

  • May 17

    Social Selling on LinkedIn: From Prospecting to Closing through your Social Media Presence

    Friday, May 17 | 9 a.m.3 p.m.
    $300, includes lunch | Register by May 10 and save $25.

    Have you ever decided to do business with someone based on more than just the product or service they offer? Have you gotten the impression that they were reliable, knowledgeable, and the best person for the job—even though you could quite explain exactly why you viewed them in such a positive light?

    Those subtle ideas we have about what makes someone we do or do not want to do business with are often a result of their digital presence—and for most of us, LinkedIn is the specific platform they use to learn about us.

    Business professionals get their news and look for innovative ideas on LinkedIn, so when they’re on the platform, they’re in the perfect mindset to meet you and hear your organization’s value proposition. But with so much competition, how can you stand out?

    You will learn:

    • What content should be in your profile and how to present that content in the most effective light
    • How you should be perceived on LinkedIn and what keywords will help you achieve your desired positioning
    • Ways to contribute content on LinkedIn, including blogging, sharing posts, and engaging strategically with thought leaders
    • Ways to connect on LinkedIn, including private messaging and groups
    • How to position your product so it stands out in busy social media feed

    Dr. Amy Jauman, SMS, is an author, international speaker, and the Chief Learning Officer for the National Institute for Social Media. She focuses on using social media, experiential learning techniques, and online resources to make information meaningful to adult learners in traditional and remote business and educational environments.

    In 2017, she authored the NISM textbook Comprehensive Field Guide for Social Media Strategists: Master the Six Content Domains of the SMS Exam and, in 2018, released Certification Success: Create Your Personalized Study Plan, through Kendall Hunt Publishing.

    Amy is a certified social media strategist with a master’s degree in experiential education and a doctorate in organization development.