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Education: Online Montessori (AM2)

Acknowledging Montessori for a Master's (AM2) is an online master's degree for Montessori-certified teachers that grants you 15 credits for your Montessori training.

Montessori educators from around the world enroll at St. Catherine University to advance their careers and their profession. In our online Montessori master's program, you can earn graduate credit for your previous experience and acquire new skills for improving learning in your classrooms. You'll become part of a supportive learning community, dedicated to innovation and authentic Montessori practice, and through your own research you’ll shape best practices for the next generation of educators.

St. Catherine also offers dynamic professional development opportunities for Montessori teachers throughout the year. Explore them all and see which one is right for you.

If you don't yet have a Montessori credential, learn more about your options.

Program Details

  • Format: Online classes
  • Credits: 31
  • Completion time: 1 year

what can I do with a degree in Education: Online Montessori (AM2)?

St. Catherine offers an online pathway toward completing your master's degree in education, improving learning in your classroom, and developing your potential as an innovator in the Montessori profession.

You'll learn collaboratively with local, national and international Montessori educators to become an innovator in your field. Our AM2 graduates are improving teaching and learning, and transforming the Montessori profession. Through this process, you’ll deepen your understanding of how to help children reach their full potential, and bring a renewed enthusiasm to your teaching community.

how will I study?

St. Catherine's 31-credit MAED: AM2 program can be completed in 12 months. After a 3-day orientation on our St. Paul, MN campus to start the program, students complete their courses in an online format.

If you've completed Montessori certification through a teacher education program accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE), you'll have the opportunity to have your learning evaluated for graduate credit, and up to 15 credits may be granted. Note: Upper elementary stand-alone programs are not accredited by MACTE and cannot be granted credit through AM2.

To complete the remaining graduate credits, you'll proceed through a series of online courses, an integration seminar and an action research project. Your learning will be enhanced by the connections you make with other Montessori educators from diverse locations.

why St. Kate’s?

At St. Catherine University, you will grow as a leader who engages with intention, acts with justice and serves with compassion. You will build personal relationships with faculty and students alike, while you become immersed in active and collaborative methods of learning.

The MAED: AM2 program is offered within the Graduate College through the School of Humanities, Arts and Sciences.

Tuition and Financial Aid

For the 2019-20 academic year, the tuition rate for additional credits in the MAED: AM2 program is $703 per credit. Tuition rates are subject to change each June 1. Additional costs for the program will include fees for student services and technology, books, etc.

You will be assessed a Montessori Certification Credit of $50 for each graduate credit awarded from your previous Montessori credential.

Many graduate students are eligible for financial aid, usually in the form of student loans. Another potential source of funding is tuition benefits from current employers.

more information

MAED: AM2 Degree Requirements

MAED: AM2 Degree Requirements

The AM2 degree includes courses and experiences to build your professional competencies.

How to Apply

How to Apply

The MAED: AM2 program has specific prerequisite and admission requirements. Learn more and get started.



Our AM2 faculty are accomplished, experienced leaders and educators.