Faculty Profiles

Our faculty are active researchers, writers and speakers; many of them internationally known for their contributions toward the advancement of their fields of study. But, most of all, they're passionate, caring teachers.

Title Email Department
Andrea Kalis
Assistant Professor, Biology
akkalis@stkate.edu Biology
Curtis Hammond
Assistant Professor
cwhammond@stkate.edu Biology
Cynthia Norton
Professor of Biology and Women's Studies
cgnorton@stkate.edu Biology, Women's Studies
Jean Omodt
Associate Professor
jromodt@stkate.edu Biology
John Pellegrini
jjpellegrini@stkate.edu Biology
Kathleen Tweeten
katweeten@stkate.edu Biology
Kurt Olson
Associate Professor
kholson@stkate.edu Biology
Lynne Gildensoph
lhgildensoph@stkate.edu Biology, Women's Studies
Marcella J. Myers
Professor of Biology, Carondelet Scholar, Director of the Women's Health Integrative Research Center
mjmyers@stkate.edu Biology
Martha Phillips
mmphillips@stkate.edu Biology
Paula Furey
Assistant Professor
pcfurey@stkate.edu Biology
Tami McDonald
Assistant Professor
trmcdonald@stkate.edu Biology