Centers and Institutes

Centers and Institutes

Our centers and institutes provide nimble, cutting-edge support for specialized academic programs, administrative functions, and scholarly research.

Abigail Quigley McCarthy Center for Women

Join students, activists, and faculty who work on issues of race, class, gender and other differences by gathering and sharing information. The Center actively supports the mission of St. Kate’s by affirming the dignity of women and fostering their intellectual and leadership potential.

CATIE Center

The CATIE Center is nationally known for teaching interpreting skills to support Deaf and Deaf-Blind populations in healthcare settings. As the Collaborative for the Advancement of Teaching Interpreting Excellence, we offer ASL immersion experiences, deaf mentor training, webinars, continuing education units, and more.

Center for Community Work and Learning

Community Work and Learning (CWL) facilitates meaningful community engagement through service-learning, student employment, and co-curricular civic engagement activities. Through CWL, students to deepen their understanding of social responsibility and practice ethical leadership in the CSJ tradition. 

Center for Sales Innovation

Pursue a major or minor in business-to-business or healthcare sales, or access the Center’s professional development programs. Our experienced faculty love mentoring future sales leaders and honing their skills through national sales competitions.

Center for Spirituality and Social Justice

The Center animates spiritual growth, builds community, and cultivates belonging among the University’s diverse student body, faculty, and staff. We relish our diversity and facilitate learning from one another’s faith commitments. Action and advocacy for social justice, including earth justice, remain persistently important in the Center’s work.

Encuentro: St. Catherine Theology Institute

Encuentro brings together high school young women, their adult mentors, and St. Kate's students and faculty to engage in dialogue and discernment with others from diverse backgrounds while drawing from the wisdom of spiritual and Roman Catholic theological traditions.

McGlynn Information Technology Center

The McGlynn Information Technology Center manages the information technology infrastructure — network, hardware, and software — on which St. Catherine runs. It also provides comprehensive IT services to all students, faculty, and staff.

Minnesota Center for Diversity in Economics

The Minnesota Center for Diversity in Economics (MCDE) exists to ensure that people of all backgrounds lead and influence economic research and decision-making. The MCDE promotes and supports gender and racial diversity in economics at every stage of the educational and career pipeline.

National Center for STEM Elementary Education

Improve your effectiveness as a teacher, advance student performance and strengthen your STEM literacy. NCSEE programs help practicing elementary teachers and teacher candidates become confident, competent and comfortable in teaching STEM subjects.

Sponsored Programs, Research, and External Engagement

As the central administrative unit charged with advancing University research, scholarship, and innovation, SPREE oversees University grantmaking, grant submission, sponsored programs administration, research compliance, and Institutional Review Board administration.

Women’s Health Integrative Research Center

Gain valuable, practical experience at the Women’s Health Integrative Research Center (WHIR). Achieve interpersonal and analytical skills by conducting hands-on assessments and designing research studies that address modern-day challenges to healthy living.