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Do you enjoy solving problems? A degree in mathematics from the St. Paul campus of St. Kate's teaches the patterns of decision-making and problem-solving with an emphasis on developing critical thinking and communication skills in a cooperative environment.

What can I do with a degree in Mathematics?

With a math degree, you'll be suited for a variety of scientific, governmental and business careers, including:

  • Financial services companies
  • Computer software and hardware companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Governmental agencies
  • Teaching middle or high school mathematics

Your math major from St. Kate's will also prepare you for advanced study in engineering, computer science and law, among others.

what will I study?

At St. Kate’s, you'll study mathematics in an environment that stresses close student-faculty interaction, research and individual support, equipped with the latest technology.

In addition, Seminar classes that feature student-led discussions will build your writing and presentation skills in a supportive environment.

In your final year, you'll work with a faculty member on a capstone research project related to your interests. Past topics include combinatorial game theory, the spread of infectious disease and the mathematics of music.

Did you know?

  • Mathematics is offered as a major, minor, and second degree.

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why St. Kate’s?

At St. Catherine University, you will grow as a leader who engages with intention, acts with justice and serves with compassion. You will build personal relationships with faculty and students alike, while you become immersed in active and collaborative methods of learning to achieve your goals.

Major Course Requirements

Major Course Requirements

Explore the required, supporting and recommended courses.

Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

The path to a baccalaureate degree at St. Kate’s begins with a core curriculum that emphasizes intellectual inquiry and social teaching; challenging students to transformational leadership.



St. Kate's faculty are respected scholars with a broad range of interests who are also on a first-name basis with students. Most of all, they’re passionate, caring teachers.

The St. Kate's Experience

The St. Kate's Experience

This unique program brings together resources, activities and personal support to help you achieve your goals.

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