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Like to read? Enjoy poetry? As an English major on our St. Paul campus, you will be introduced to literature that will move you and great writers who will inspire you. It will teach you how to think on your feet and express your ideas clearly.

what can I do with a degree in English?

Upon completion of an English degree, you will be well prepared for a career in a wide variety of fields, including:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Law practices
  • Marketing or public relations firms
  • Corporate management
  • Medicine
  • Publishing houses
  • Teaching

A St. Kate’s degree in English will also position you to pursue graduate studies in areas such as linguistics, comparative literature and environmental writing.

what will I study?

As a St. Kate’s English major, you’ll explore multiple literary genres and investigate how language changes over time. You’ll learn how plot, character, theme and point of view contribute to good writing. Discussion topics include female heroes, Harry Potter, Shakespeare, social protest and reform, folklore and immigrant perspective.

You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty on a research project and present your findings at a professional meeting or national conference, or co-author a paper for a peer-reviewed journal.

Did you know?

  • English is offered as a major, minor, and second degree.

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why St. Kate’s?

At St. Catherine University, you will grow as a leader who engages with intention, acts with justice and serves with compassion. You will build personal relationships with faculty and students alike, while you become immersed in active and collaborative methods of learning to achieve your goals.

Major Course Requirements

Major Course Requirements

Explore the required, supporting and recommended courses.

Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

The path to a baccalaureate degree at St. Kate’s begins with a core curriculum that emphasizes intellectual inquiry and social teaching; challenging students to transformational leadership.



Our faculty are active researchers and published authors, poets and creative writers. Most of all, they’re passionate, caring teachers.

The St. Kate's Experience

The St. Kate's Experience

This unique program brings together resources, activities and personal support to help you achieve your goals.

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