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Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity

Are you interested in better understanding race, ethnicity, and how these aspects of socially constructed identity impact systems of power and privilege? When pursuing St. Kate's Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity (CRST) degree on our St. Paul campus, you will gain an in-depth understanding of concepts including discrimination, oppression, white privilege, and more.

what can I do with a degree in Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity?

Upon completion of St. Kate’s degree in Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity, you will be prepared to take on positions in the following careers:

  • Public Policy
  • Human Resources
  • Social and Human Services
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education and Youth Services
  • Non-Profit Sector
  • Government
  • Community Development

what will I study?

St. Kate’s CRST major offers you a framework for understanding race and ethnicity in historical, contemporary, national and global contexts. It is grounded in the humanities and social and natural sciences, with cross-listed courses from a wide range of departments including sociology and women’s studies.

You will learn to:

  • Analyze issues of racial and ethnic identity;
  • Examine individual, institutional and systematic racism;
  • Become aware of the extent to which race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, age and the ability to interact magnifies privilege/disadvantage;
  • Critique race-based policies and socio-cultural representations;
  • Communicate effectively across differences and strategize for social change.

Did you know?

  • Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity is offered as a major and minor.
  • CRST also offers a minor in Critical Hmong Studies.

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why St. Kate’s?

The Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity (CRST) program at St. Catherine University is a nationally recognized interdisciplinary program. Our comprehensive and innovative teaching-learning practices—and strong commitment to social justice—means you will grow as a leader who considers all viable solutions and acts with justice to dismantle racism.

Major Course Requirements

Major Course Requirements

Explore the required, supporting and recommended courses.

Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

The path to a baccalaureate degree at St. Kate’s begins with a core curriculum that emphasizes intellectual inquiry and social teaching; challenging students to transformational leadership.



Our faculty are active researchers, industry and academic award winners and influential members of professional organizations. Most of all, they’re passionate, caring teachers.

The St. Kate’s Experience

The St. Kate’s Experience

This unique program brings together resources, activities and personal support to help you achieve your goals.