St. Kate’s Marketplace offers a secure way to collect online checking, savings and credit card payments.

St. Kate's Marketplace provides campus departments and organizations with an online tool to organize, operate and manage payments for events, products and general payments.

Marketplace feeds transactions directly to each individual department's revenue account in Banner. Visit the Marketplace Mall to see the departments who currently have payment sites.

Marketplace may only be used for events that require a payment. Registration for events that have no fee can be created using Googledocs. Please contact the Help Desk for assistance with creating events with no payment.

Benefits of Using Marketplace

  • Convenient – Gather registration and demographic information, as well as process payments for your organization in a single transaction.
  • Customized Sites – Each site is designed to meet each department or organization’s individual needs.
  • Recurring Payments and Donation Options – Allow for one-time or recurring payments such as donations or dues.
  • Update Finance System – Feed transactions directly to Banner accounts and assign codes to individual stores, products or sites.

Quick Reference Guide

Your departmental budget number consists of a Fund, Organization, Account, and Program number (some departments may use a 4-6 digit Activity code). Budget numbers are verified by the Business Office for accuracy.

There are three types of sites in Marketplace: an Event, a Physical Item, or a General Payment.

  • Event - Are you selling tickets or taking registrations? i.e., conferences or swim lessons.
  • Physical Item - Are you selling items such as t-shirts, scarves or ornaments?
  • General Payment - Are you collecting deposits, application fees or donations?

Yes, if someone makes a payment using a credit card the bank fees the University pays is expensed to your departmental budget each month. The fees on average are between .01 - .015 percent of the total credit card payments per month.

Sign onto TouchNet with your User Name and Password. Your user name, password and instructions will be provided to you once your uStore is complete. Upon first log-in, you will be required to answer 3 security questions and change your password.

  • Click on Marketplace Reports, then on Stores, then on your Department Name, then on “By Product.”
  • Enter the date range you wish to view, then click on View.
  • All active sites that have had activity during this date range will appear.
  • Click on the event/product that you want to view and a Product Detail Report will come up.
  • Click on Export to CSV.
  • Click on Open to view.
  • Only orders that are physical products that must be shipped are required to be fulfilled by the department.
  • Click on your Department Name, then on Stores, then on your Store name, then on Fulfill Orders.
  • Under Pending Fulfillments, click the Select All or click on each individual box.
  • Click Process Fulfillment. The system will ask you if you want to fulfill these shipments. Select OK.
  • Click on Accept Payment. The system will ask you to confirm if you want to charge the customer. Select OK.
  • Click on Print Packing List or Proceed to Step 3.
    • If you select Print Packing List, a box will pop-up which allows you to print an itemized packing slip to include in the shipment of the order.
    • By proceeding to Step 3, you have chosen not to print a packing slip.
  • Once you have done a final review of the order, click Proceed to Step 4.
  • Click on Send E-Mail if you want TouchNet to send a confirmation e-mail to the customer.
  • Click on Continue to return to the Fulfillment page.

If a customer changes their mind and does not want to attend an event or is not satisfied with their product, you may need to refund all or part of their payment. You must first determine what type of payment was made. If the payment was made by web check, you must process a check request through the Accounts Payable department. If the payment was made by credit card, you must follow the steps below. Orders cannot be canceled without processing a refund.

  • Click on your Department Name, then on Stores, then on your Store name, then on Fulfill Orders.
  • Under Order Search, select the value for filtering, i.e., Pending, Order Date, Fulfilled Date, Recur Order Date or Recur Payment Date.
  • Select the From and To date range. Click Search.
  • Click View on the Order Number in which you wish to issue a refund.
  • Under Process Refund, select the Quantity of the Return and enter a full or partial refund amount.
  • Click Process Refund. The system will ask you if you want to post a credit to the customer's card. Select OK. The refund process is complete and en e-mail is sent to the customer.

Responsibilities and Guidelines

  • Meet with the Marketplace implementation team to determine your departmental needs
  • Departments will be responsible for monitoring reports and/or fulfilling orders
  • Departments are responsible for ensuring that University policies and procedures are followed regarding on-line security and product integrity, as specified on the University policies site
  • You will need your department name
  • You will need your department's budget number
  • You will need details about your event, product, or general payment
  • You will need to know the data you want gathered
  • You will need an approved image (otherwise a standard image will be used)
  • You will be responsible for viewing and verifying that the site information is accurate
  • You will be responsible for monitoring the activity on the site
  • You will be responsible for fielding questions from users
  • Your department will be assessed bank fees on a monthly basis for credit card transactions

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