Medical Terminology Proficiency Exam

Earn credit toward your associate healthcare program's medical terminology requirement.

About the Exam

The HIMP 1020 Medical Terminology Proficiency Exam is available to all associate degree healthcare students (except Health Information students) who have taken a medical terminology course more than 5 years ago or are confident in their knowledge of basic medical terminology.

If you pass this test, you will earn 1 semester credit and have met the medical terminology requirement for your program. As an associate degree student, it is best to take the proficiency exam upon entering the University. This will ensure that you have time to complete the course if you do not pass the exam.

You can attempt the test one time. Make sure you do a thorough review before taking the test.

You must register for the exam prior to the exam date by submitting the proficiency exam registration form to the Office of the Registrar. The form must be signed by the Health Information department and submitted to the Office of the Registrar no later than the last day to add a full-term course with instructor’s signature, as noted on the academic calendar.

The cost to take the proficiency exam is 25% of the cost of the 1-credit HIMP 1020 course. The exam fee will appear on your student account upon registration. This fee is charged regardless of whether you pass the exam and is non-refundable.

The exam will be recorded on your academic transcript as HIMP 1020 Medical Terminology Credit by Proficiency Exam with a pass (S) or fail (U) grade, neither of which will affect your GPA. If passed, the exam is worth 1 semester credit.

The exam is 50 multiple choice questions covering all body systems. Some questions may be easy, asking you to identify a common word part, such as cardi/o or -ectomy. Some will be more difficult, asking you to take apart a complex word and answer a question. For example, what is a gastroduodenoscopy or what is anemia? These will all be in a multiple choice format, but you will be expected to know all the word parts involved to answer the question.

The best way to study is to review your textbook to see if you are comfortable with words in all the body systems. Some students are very familiar with one or two body systems, but the test will cover all of them. If you no longer have your text, there are a many online medical terminology quizzes and games that are fun and helpful. To find them, enter "medical terminology quizzes" in your search engine.

Your exam will be scored while you wait. You will know immediately if you passed. You can attempt the proficiency exam only once. If you don't pass the exam, you will need to complete the medical terminology requirement by taking HIMP 1020 at the University or an appropriate course elsewhere for transfer.

The Health Information department oversees the Medical Terminology Proficiency Exam. If you have questions about the exam, contact Marsha Holey via email at