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Your destination for student records, course enrollment and registration.

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Office of the Registrar
9 a.m.–4 p.m. Mon–Fri
Derham Hall, Room 229
Mailbox# F-31
Phone: (651) 690-6531

College for Adults Resource Center
8 a.m.–7 p.m. Mon–Thurs
8 a.m.–4 p.m. Fri
Old Main, Room 235
Mailbox# MPLS
Phone: (651) 690-7777

All phone numbers begin with (651) 690-

Kellynn Anastasi
Academic Information Specialist • Graduation clearance and degree posting – associate programs • Incoming Associate student transfer evaluations
Sue Campbell
System Analyst/ Report Writer • Report development and generation
• Data integrity and systems analysis
Cindy Egeness
Registrar • Catalog development and maintenance
• Ensure compliance with policies
Alyson Glass
Assistant Registrar • Graduation clearance and degree posting – baccalaureate and graduate programs
• ACTC Registration: Augsburg, Hamline, and Macalester
Jamie Hammar
Transfer Articulation Coordinator • Incoming College for Women student transfer evaluations
• Current student transfer evaluations
Grace Kaczmarek
Transfer Articulation Coordinator • Incoming College for Adults - Bachelor's
• ACTC registration: St. Thomas
Lauren Klas
Associate Registrar • Associate and Graduate course schedule development and maintenance
Katie Kromer-Ide
Systems Specialist - Degree Works • Degree evaluation development and maintenance
• Global Studies Registration
Katy Maas
Associate Registrar • Baccalaureate course schedule development and maintenance
Siri Raasch
Customer Service Coordinator • Main contact for general questions – including registration, records, transcripts
• Enrollment certifications, degree verifications, and grade requests for employers
Taylor Yetter
Systems Specialist - Transfer Equivalency • Transfer Evaluation System (TES) and Transferology
• Graduate transfer work
• Major/Minor updates to student records

Calendars & Schedules

Find all the dates you need to know for every term and every academic programs at St. Kate’s. The calendars reflect schedules for College for Women, College for Adults, and Graduate College students. Dates are subject to change without notice. Refer to the calendars on this website for the most up-to-date information.

How to Register

If it’s your first time registering at St. Kate’s, you will be invited to an orientation/registration event, where you will register for classes. Contact admissions if you need help:

  • College for Women Office of Admissions: 651.690.8850
  • College for Adult and Applied Learning Office of Admissions: 651.690.6542

You will receive information about online registration from the Office of Graduate Admission. For assistance, contact them at 651.690.6933.

Log in to Kateway for online registration. This includes all current students on both campuses.

If you have already completed one semester as an undergraduate in St. Kate’s College for Women, you may register for one course through Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC). You may qualify for an exception to the one-course rule if you are taking a foreign language not offered at St. Kate’s, if you are pursuing an ACTC major, or if you are pursuing a specialized major or minor that requires ACTC courses).

Academic Catalogs

Transfer Credit

Do you want to take courses at another institution during your time at St. Kate's? Use TES (Transfer Evaluation System), to search for the institution you are transferring from and see how those courses will be evaluated at St. Kate’s.

Credit for Prior Learning

From AP exams to international studies, get the credit you've earned.

You may have had prior or alternative learning experiences that are worth credit hours at St. Kate’s. This includes learning beyond the classroom, such as military service or on-the-job training, or courses completed at institutions that are not regionally accredited.

Courses completed in our ACTC program count as resident credit. ACTC is for College for Women students only. For more information on this program, please visit the ACTC website.

High school students may take AP exams to earn both high school and college credit. University credit will only be awarded when the final exam is taken and passed with an acceptable level.

For a list of exams accepted, score required, and credits earned, please check the AP exam guide. To order your AP transcript or for additional information on the AP offerings, visit the Collegeboard website.

International exams offered in subject areas.

To order your CAPE transcript or for additional information on the CAPE offerings visit the CAPE website.

Similar to the AP program in the United States, these are international exams in subject areas that may be taken while in high school and are eligible for college credit with an acceptable exam score.

To order your transcript or for additional information on the offerings, visit the Cambridge International website.

The CLEP exams allow all students the opportunity to earn credit for either educational or professional experiences by taking and passing subject tests.

For a list of exams accepted, score required, and credits earned, please check the CLEP exam guide.

To order your CLEP transcript or for additional information on CLEP exams, visit the Collegeboard website.

CITS is a concurrent enrollment program option where high school students earn both high school and college credit while attending an accredited course right at their high school.

In order to have a course considered for transfer, the partnering university or college must be regionally accredited and the student must provide an official transcript from the college or university. Courses will not be transferred based on the high school transcript.

The PSEO program offers high school students the opportunity to enroll in college courses and receive both high school and college credit. If you complete PSEO courses at St. Kate’s, these credits are considered resident credit.

For courses taken with another institution that is regionally accredited, your courses will be evaluated for transfer upon receipt of an official transcript from that college or university.

Proficiency exams that appear on a regionally accredited college/university transcript for credit are eligible for transfer.

In general, we make no distinction in our evaluation of exams and courses. However exams will not be accepted to fulfill either our Writing Intensive or our Lab Science core requirements.

Credit by proficiency exams are available in some departments at St. Kate's.

Through Prior Learning Assessment, St. Kate’s students earn credit from learning acquired from non-classroom experiences like work, professional training, military careers, volunteering and personal life.

St. Catherine University is a member of the Council for Applied and Experiential Learning (CAEL) and partners with for Prior Learning Assessment through written portfolios.

You may seek PLA after enrolling at St. Kate’s and completing at least 16 credits. Then, you’ll take these steps:

  1. Consult with a member of St. Catherine University’s Office of Academic Advising (Derham Hall 203, 651.690.6803 or
  2. Enroll in one of two portfolio courses:
    • CAEL 100 is a three-credit, six-week instructor-led online course. These three credits will be transferred to St. Catherine University. The cost is $500. In the course, you’ll identify areas of learning to be evaluated for college-level competency.
    • Develop Your Portfolio (DYP) for college credit. This is a self-paced, interactive online workshop that you will have access to for six months. No credit is earned through this workshop, and the cost is $129.
  3. Create your portfolio and request an evaluation. Portfolios are evaluated by trained assessors . will evaluate portfolios and make recommendations for credit via the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS). Each portfolio costs $250. St. Catherine recognizes credits recommended by and NCCRS.

MCC offers students who have earned Montessori certification through a MACTE accredited Montessori teacher education program the opportunity to have their learning evaluated for credit at St. Kate's.

The Dantes/DSST exams offer students the opportunity to earn credit for either educational or professional experiences by taking and passing subject area tests. Upper and lower level exams are available.

We accept ACE recommendations for credits earned. For a list of exams accepted, score required, and credits earned, please check the DSST exam guide.

Military personnel can order a Dantes/DSST transcript by visiting the Dantes website.

Non-Military students can order a DSST transcript by visiting the DSST website.

The Global Studies or Study Abroad programs allow a broad range of options for completing courses internationally. Courses completed through these programs count as resident credit. For more information on these programs, visit Global Studies.

The IB program offers high school students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit by taking and passing subject area tests.

For a list of exams accepted, score required, and credits earned, please check the IB exam guide.

To order your IB transcript or for additional information on the IB program, visit the International Baccalaureate website.

Students who have attended colleges or universities outside of the U.S. must submit a World Education Services (WES) evaluation in order to have their courses evaluated for transfer.

Courses are transferred based on WES recommendations for credits.

To order a WES evaluation, please visit the WES website.

Military Course Completions with Ace Credit Recommendations are eligible for transfer if they also meet our Liberal Arts requirements. Courses that meet these criteria will transfer with the ACE recommended credit value.

Military Experience (or MOS) does not transfer. If your experiences fit the criteria for Liberal Arts college-level learning, see the section on Credit for Academically Relevant Learning for more details.

To order your military transcripts or for additional information on the ACE credit recommendations, please visit the ACE website.

For other military/VA questions, please contact the enrollment certifying official in the registrar’s office by clicking the link to the appropriate office:

Work with the Office of Admissions for your chosen program to see how previously earned credits from a regionally accredited institution will transfer.

Order a Transcript

Most students can submit an online request for their transcripts and have them sent directly to the requestor. Or, choose to have the Office of the Registrar hold your transcript so you can show a photo ID and pick it up in person. Most requests take about two business days to process.

Student Policies

The University's student academic and non-academic policies are listed on the University Policies website.

Your Privacy

We follow federal guidelines to protect your privacy.

No one may release student record information to a third party, including parents, without written permission from you, the student. St. Catherine University follows a federal law called The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

  • Protect the privacy of education records
  • Establish the right of students to inspect and review their education records
  • Provide guidelines for the correction of inaccurate and misleading data through informal and formal hearings