Writing/Reading Center

Get one-on-one assistance with building and developing writing skills.


    Visiting the Center

    Before you come, think about what you would like to focus on in your session. When you sit with a tutor, the two of you will address questions and concerns you have with your writing project and discuss what you might want to work on in the next draft. Sessions typically last 45 minutes. We have a pleasant space, a casual environment and a team of supportive tutors who look forward to collaborating with you on your writing.

    What to bring with you:

    • The writing assignment sheet from your instructor
    • A clean copy of the paper you would like to work on
    • Questions and/or concerns you have about your paper
    • Previous drafts and/or feedback you've been given

    Please see the O’Neill Center drop-in hours for our regular schedule.

  • student services and resources

    Writing Services for Graduate Students

    Writing support for graduate students is offered face-to-face in the O'Neill Center on a drop-in basis and online by appointment.

    • Face-to-face consultations take place in the O'Neill Center. No appointment is necessary.
    • Online writing support is available by appointment. To use the online writing system, you must first register for an account. Once you have registered, you are welcome to book an appointment with a graduate assistant tutor. At the time of your appointment, login to the online system again and click on the appointment. Your paper may be uploaded at the time you book the appointment or when you return to begin the session. During the online chat session and consultation, which will last up to one hour, you will be an active participant. The graduate assistant will collaborate with you, help with questions you have and offer suggestions for going forward.

  • Additional Writing Resources

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab

One of the best sources on the web for information on nearly every aspect of writing is Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL). It covers topics as subject specific writing information, citation help, research recommendations and ESL issues.

Additional Resources

If you have a research question or a quick citation question that doesn't warrant a tutoring session, contact a reference librarian or consult the library's citation guides.

Take advantage of the writing guides we have created for some of the programs taught at St. Kate's.

Can I drop off my paper and have it corrected?
No. Tutors at the Writing Center conduct personal sessions one-on-one with students. Shared conversation is an integral part of the revision or planning process. Tutors gently guide, suggest and encourage, focusing on the development of the writing process and the acquisition of writing skills.

I am not available during business hours; how can I utilize the center?
The Writing Center is open seven days a week during the fall and spring semesters with many evening and weekend hours. Summer and J-term schedules vary. See our Drop-in Hours for details. If you are a graduate or distance learning student, you may also book an online tutoring appointment.

Does the Writing Center solely focus on editing and proofreading?
No. While tutors address grammar and punctuation, it is not the only focus of the session. The Center seeks to develop better writers, not just better papers.

Is the Writing Center only for students who need remedial help?
No. Writers of all levels regularly visit the Center.

Is the Writing Center for undergraduate students only?
No. Graduate students are welcome to use the Center as well as to book an appointment with our graduate writing tutor.

Will the tutors correspond with my instructor?
No. The Center is not responsible for grades, but for supporting students in the writing process. Sometimes instructors contact us with their concerns about a student's writing. In these cases, we may confirm the student visited us for their class, but specific details about the visit(s) are not shared.

What majors frequent the Center?
All majors and types of papers are welcome at the Center.

Does the Writing Center work on resumes or curriculum vitae?
While tutors can help with cover letters, Career Development offers assistance on all things career related and is best for help with a resume.

  • instructor services and resources

    Assisting Instructors in the Classroom

Writing tutors are available to visit your class and speak briefly about the Writing/Reading Center and the services we provide. These visits usually take 5-10 minutes and can greatly improve the chances that your students will take advantage of our services.

If you are interested in having a writing workshop for your class in the O'Neill Center on a topic such as how to formulate a thesis statement or how to conduct peer reviews, please contact us.

"The Writing/Reading Center offers free one-on-one assistance with your paper. Trained peer tutors are available during drop-in hours throughout the semester, and they can help you in any stage of the writing process from brainstorming to the final touches. Workshops, handouts, and resources on a variety of topics such as MLA and APA style, thesis construction, and grammar/punctuation rules are also available for you. The Writing/Reading Center is located in the O'Neill Center for Academic Development in the lower level of the CdC."

What is your policy for take-home final essays?
While many instructors encourage their students to visit us throughout the semester, a take-home final may not be an essay that an instructor intended their students to receive tutoring assistance on. It is our policy not to work with students on final exams or papers unless we have prior approval from their instructor. Instructors can approve specific students or an entire course.

Will you notify me if a student of mine is utilizing your services?
The Writing/Reading Center strives to provide confidential support to students. We do not contact instructors or provide them with the names of students that are receiving assistance.

This policy allows students to work freely in a space to hone their writing skills without being evaluated.

If you have a student that you have asked to seek assistance and would like to personally refer to the Writing/Reading Center for assistance, please contact us.

Will a tutor sign a paper they have worked on if I require proof of a visit?
The tutoring session we promote is a one-on-one conversation between the student and the tutor. We believe if the student and tutor are able to discuss the strengths and weaknesses in a paper instead of focusing on correction-style instruction, the student is allowed to see and realize their own abilities in shaping the work they present. While our tutors have gone through extensive training, we focus on keeping the tutoring session an "across the table" exchange. It is for this reason that we do not have the tutors sign-off on the papers they have worked on. We believe that if they were to do so, this would change the dynamic of the tutoring session.

What style guides are used in the Writing/Reading Center?
The Writing/Reading Center is currently using the following editions of popular style guides and handbooks to assist students:

  • APA Manual of Style: 6th edition
  • MLA Handbook: 8th edition
  • Chicago Manual of Style: 16th edition
  • AMA Handbook: 10th edition
  • Bedford Handbook: 8th edition