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Talent Management and Human Resources

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Are you motivated by the idea of creating a positive workplace where employees can thrive in their careers? With a degree in Talent Management and Human Resources, you will play an important role in driving diversity, equity, and inclusion, while giving employees tools to help grow their skills and advance your organization's goals. 

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Take 32 credits per year to finish your degree in four years.

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Hands-On Experience for High-Demand Skills

In the Talent Management and Human Resources program, you will learn about a rapidly growing field that puts the "human" back in human resources. It's not just about policies and paperwork - you will focus on how organizations can effectively implement and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in their workforce, and also strategies for engaging employees so that they can grow their skills and have a high sense of job satisfaction. Because when it comes to productivity and the success of an organization, it's all about the people!

All of our School of Business students have the opportunity for hands-on experience by participating in real-world projects with partnering organizations. Our highly-networked faculty will work with you one-on-one to introduce you to a wide range of careers and help connect you with internships and job opportunities.

Explore your leadership strengths with our Katie Leadership Impact program. Available to all students, you'll practice with specialized classes and hands-on projects, and learn from mentors dedicated to your growth and success. As a bonus, you'll be eligible to receive a $1,000 scholarship when you enroll in the LEAD2202 Leadership and Influence course.

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Careers in Talent Management and HR

Many companies — including 3M, Ecolab, Target, General Mills, and Medtronic — make a special effort to recruit St. Kate’s students for full-time employment or internships because they want exceptional women leaders.

Professionals who can build and foster diverse and productive teams are in high demand across all industries. With this degree you can become a human resources specialist or manager, a diversity, equity, and inclusion manager, an employee learning and development manager, a compensation and benefits manager, and more.