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Your interest in Latin can support other academic goals or give you a deeper understanding of how your own language and culture evolved.

Explore Language and History

As a Latin minor at St. Kate's, you will couple a basic level of competence in the Latin language with insight into its history and culture.

To complete the minor, you'll take four Latin language courses as well as one course related to the classical or Roman world. A variety of options are available covering topics in mythology, philosophy, theology, and more. You can even fulfill your final course requirement with an advanced course in Latin or through an approved foreign study experience concentrating on the study of the classical world.

Careers in Latin

If you are considering a career in law or medicine, St. Kate's minor in Latin — offered on our St. Paul campus — can help prepare you for further studies.

It is also one of the few growth areas in secondary education, and teachers are in high demand. Students in middle and high school have shown a resurging interest in studying Latin, resulting in a nationwide shortage of Latin teachers.