Digital Humanities

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Fascinated by the intersection of digital media and the humanities? Digital humanities is a newly emerging area of study with a growing application of digital media and technology in the traditional humanities studies and arts.

Digital Literacy Grounded in a Liberal Arts Foundation

Students will enhance their digital literacy and information technology skills grounded in a broad liberal arts foundation and be able to utilize these skills in their primary area of study and professional careers.

To complete the minor in digital humanities, you must complete five courses in information science and informatics, including selected digital humanities electives from other related humanities and arts.

If you decide to minor in information systems, you cannot concurrently earn a digital humanities minor.

College for Women 2018 graduates

The digital humanities major will increase your employability in technology-related fields, preparing you for a wider variety of career opportunities. Open to all students, the major is a great way to develop basic technology skills and enhance your digital literacy.