Antonian Scholars

Apply your ambition to a rigorous academic program for promising learners, leaders, researchers, writers, performers and creative thinkers.


    Why Antonian Scholars?

    After a semester or two at St. Kate’s, you may want to push yourself as a learner and a leader. You may want to make connections with others who share your ambitions. If you decide you want a challenge, Antonian Scholars will give you a challenge. Applying yourself to this rigorous program has its benefits. You will receive:

    • priority registration for courses each semester
    • a special diploma
    • commencement recognition
    • leadership opportunities in the Honors Program Student Organization
    • an exclusive place to study or socialize called the Honor's Hub, located in the Coeur de Catherine.

    Want to know more? Download the handbook and checklist or contact the current director.


    Express your interest with an application.

    After you have completed at least three, but no more than 15, courses at St. Kate’s, you can apply to the Antonian Scholars program. You’ll need to have at least a cumulative 3.5 GPA and complete this application process:

    1. Submit an application expressing your interest in the program.
    2. Ask a faculty member to recommend you using the recommendation form.
    3. Stand by while the Honors Program Committee reads you application and recommnendation.


    Keep up the good work!

    If you apply to and are accepted into the Antonian Scholars program, you’ll want to maintain your eligibility until graduation so you can receive a special diploma and commencement recognition. You must register as a student each year and meet these other criteria:

    • Complete one honors seminar within your first two semesters as an Antonian Scholar
    • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher
    • Earn a B- or higher in each honors course you take
    • Complete a Senior Honors Project


    What to Expect Your Senior Year

    As an Antonian Scholar, you will produce a major piece of research or creative work for your Senior Project. You might choose a topic within your major field or explore the intersection of several disciplines. You can download specific guidelines below, but in general, your Senior Honors project must:

    • Reflect your individual initiative and conceptualization
    • Show work completed in a tutorial rather than a class setting
    • Consist of substantial proportions
    • Go before a panel for evaluation
    • Appear in a public forum