Academic Enhancement

Get more out of your St. Kate’s education when you take advantage of these opportunities and programs.


    Set a goal to make the Dean’s List or join an honor society.

    Your academic achievement gets recognized at St. Kate’s. See what it takes to make the Dean’s List, or join an honor society for your field of study.


    Become a junior colleague on faculty research projects.

    Find opportunities to collaborate meaningfully with faculty. Help conceptualize a project, participate in research and share outcomes with experts. Participate in student-faculty Summer Scholars teams for an intensive 10-week enrichment experience.


    Experience a team-based approach to healthcare delivery.

    Take classroom knowledge into healthcare settings where you will deepen your understanding of healthcare practices. Experience first-hand what it will take to lead the future of healthcare when you use team-based, holistic and evidence-based practices.


    Let the world be your classroom.

    Choose from a wide variety of programs in many parts of the world regardless of your area of study. Study abroad can give you insight and appreciation for other cultures, prepare you for the global economy and test your values and independence.


    Develop significant relationships to challenge, guide and support your goals.

    Whether you want to achieve academic excellence or launch a career, faculty advising and peer mentoring can play a big role in your success.

    Find formal and informal programs on and off campus.


    Get rewarded for your academic achievement and continue your studies.

    Post-graduate scholarships and fellowships have a distinct prestige and the application process takes thoughtful planning and mentoring from faculty. St. Kate’s is committed to providing support for aspiring Fulbright, Rhodes, Truman, Marshall, Rotary and Goldwater scholars.


    Get ready for global service and leadership in the Peace Corps.

    The Peace Corps Prep Program emphasizes leadership, social justice and global relationship building. It will prepare you for service in the Peace Corps, but the skills you will acquire will extend into your future professional or service roles.