Kathleen Matuska

Kathleen Matuska

MAOT Program Director
Professor of Occupational Science

From: St. Paul, Minnesota
Expertise: Life balance, the study of occupations that keep us healthy and balanced in our lives.

Contact: kmmatuska@stkate.edu

Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, M.P.H., Public Health Administration, B.S. with high distinction, Occupational Therapy

Staying healthy and balanced:
"I run and practice yoga. I belong to a group of St. Kate's runners. I usually run up to 10 miles but they are pushing me to run a half marathon."

OT runs in the family:
"My mother was an OT; she graduated from the first OT class at the University of Minnesota. Now my daughter, Kristine Matuska Alman '06, is an OT, too."

Recommending occupational therapy:
"OT is such a rewarding career because it focuses on maintaining the quality of people's lives, not just rehabilitation. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people regain the ability to do the things they like to do."

Studying OT at St. Kate's:
"We have a strong foundation in wellness and occupational science, as well as a global outreach and several international programs. We are relationship-centered in how we approach clients, and in how we teach. We value how OT can be practiced differently in multiple cultures. And, we concern ourselves with the justice of people. Our students develop a deep appreciation of the whole person."

Social justice links:
"There are disparities in the opportunities people have to engage in the lifestyles and activities they prefer. For instance, new immigrants experience disparities in opportunities for leisure, work, healthcare and education. Those are occupational deprivations that we pay attention to and want to change to make a difference for individuals and society."

What's next:
"I have two research manuscripts soon to be published about the validity of a model and measure of life balance. I am going to continue my research on refining and validating the Life Balance Inventory (LBI) to be used as a measure of life balance (for both research purposes and self-improvement purposes)."

Recently published:
Life Balance: Multidisciplinary Theories and Research. The book provides a multidisciplinary approach to learning about patterns and characteristics of everyday living that may contribute to reduced stress, lower levels of chronic illness, and happier, longer lives.