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career advancement

The St. Kate's OTD is built for busy professionals ready to advance their careers.

Career Advancement

Earning a clinical doctorate will enable you to move into a leadership role in your chosen field. You already know the intrinsic rewards of practicing occupational therapy (OT). The field is filled with opportunity. The U.S. Department of Labor says it is among the 10 fastest growing professions in the country and the department projects a 30 percent growth rate through 2014.

The vision for the OTD program is “to develop ethical, visionary leaders who will transform the occupational therapy practice.” Coursework, doctoral advisors, practical applications of course content and self-directed study will hone your expertise in a specialty area of OT practice.

In addition to developing your specialty, your St. Catherine education will enable you to:

  • Advocate for the profession
  • Bring a global perspective to your practice
  • Guide policies that affect the accessibility to OT services
  • Teach to meet a growing need for educators in the field
  • Innovate by bringing OT services into nontraditional settings