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about OTD

St. Kate's has been a leader in occupational therapy education since 1944. See what our tradition of excellence can do for you.

About the Doctorate of Occupational
Therapy Program

The Occupational Therapy Program at St. Catherine University began more than 60 years ago when it became the first continuously accredited baccalaureate occupational therapy program in the state of Minnesota in 1944. Over the years, the Occupational therapy programs at the University have been innovative and cutting edge, helping lead the way as the profession evolved.

We continue the tradition of leadership as one of the few universities in the nation to offer an occupational therapy doctorate, beginning in 2012.

We are now the only academic program offering occupational therapy degree options at all levels: associate, baccalaureate/dual degree, masters and doctorate.

OTD Program Mission

Prepare occupational therapists to lead and educate in community, clinical and emerging practice areas, with grounding in evidence-based research, critical thinking, ethics, and social justice.

Statement of Philosophy

The OTD at St. Catherine University is a learner-centered curriculum that integrates students’ backgrounds and experiences that emphasize application, evidence and coursework in a chosen area of practice. We believe our OTD program is essential to the advancement of the profession through the development of effective leaders and critical thinkers. Our graduates will influence systemic change, advocate for socially just practices, and promote and model advanced occupational therapy practice.