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MPAS at st. kate's

St. Kate’s offers the newest Physician Assistant program in Minnesota.

Master of Physician Assistant
Studies at St. Kate's

St. Catherine University's heritage of outstanding education and first-class facilities make us the regional leader in healthcare programs and the ideal home for Minnesota’s newest Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) program.

Developing medical judgment

We educate students to think like clinicians from the very beginning. We provide the building blocks of critical thinking by incorporating medical decision-making, ethical considerations and principles of team-based practice into every course. The program has a primary care focus, but is comprehensive enough and includes opportunities for students to pursue individual interests and practice in a wide variety of settings.

Learning in state-of-the-art facilities

Classroom and laboratory learning take place on St. Catherine University's St. Paul campus. St. Kate’s is home to the second largest collegiate anatomy lab in the state. The new 3,600-square-foot human anatomy lab brings healthcare education to a higher level and opens avenues for new partnerships with medical professionals.

St. Kate's is located in the heart of a busy metropolitan area. Our St. Paul campus offers updated classroom, library, dining, and athletic facilities surrounded by acres of beautiful grounds and a safe residential neighborhood. Graduate student housing is available. 

Bringing it all together

Our innovative curriculum is designed to systematically weave threads of ethics, social justice, professional responsibility and a global perspective throughout the program. Students spend 14 months in the classroom with rich discussion and hands-on experiences, enhanced by frequent and early exposure to clinical experts and settings. They then translate that learning into 14 months of clinical internships before completing the curriculum in a senior seminar.

Connecting to healthcare communities

The MPAS program is part of the Henrietta Schmoll School of Health, a regionally respected home for St. Catherine's healthcare programs. This environment fosters opportunity for inter-professional experiences among students and faculty from a variety of healthcare disciplines. Physician Assistant students will have access to community experts, quality clinical sites and strong support systems with dedicated, well-connected faculty.