Candice LaPlante

Elisa Pape ’11

From: Renville, Minnesota

St. Kate's program: Master of Library and Information Science, with a focus on academic librarianship

Volunteer work: Dayton Bluff's public library — helped students and adults with homework, computer skills and job searches.

Why are you studying library and information science?
"Since I can remember, I have always wanted to become a librarian. When I was a young girl, I used to pretend to be a librarian. I am excited to immerse myself in the library world and sufficiently help people find the information and material they need and want both in print and digital formats."

What drew you to St. Kate's MLIS program?
"It was the only program offered in the area, and it had evening and weekend courses, which allowed me to continue working full time. The campus is also very beautiful."

Is it easy to focus on your interest here?
"Yes, the program has enabled me to take specific courses that have enhanced my knowledge specifically for academic librarianship."

On the MLIS class size and the instructors:
"Every class that I have taken has been small enough that we have had the opportunity to not only get to know our professors but also our classmates. I have always felt comfortable approaching professors or instructors, and they all have shown genuine interest in my overall success in the program. This definitely influenced my decision to continue with the program throughout the process of accreditation."

On campus life:
"I do not live on campus, but I have used the fitness facility and eaten in the dinning room. The staff has always been nice and welcoming."

Advice for new MLIS students:
"Do not hesitate to consult you advisor or any instructor with any questions and concerns you may have. They are always so helpful. I have learned so much about the library world through this program; make sure you take it all in and appreciate the knowledge before you."