Jill Collins

Jill Collins '10

From: St. Paul, Minnesota

MAOL Concentration: Strategic Management

Career: Sr. Principle Human Resources Partner for Medtronic CardioVascular

Choosing the MAOL Program:
I started at a different institution and I realized fairly quickly that the learning environment was not to the caliber that I expected. I knew the elements that were troubling me would not be a factor at St. Kate's because of my prior experience as a St. Kate's student.

MAOL concentration:
Strategic Management because it is closely aligned with an MBA.

Rewards from the MAOL:
I've probably grown in the two years that I've been in the MAOL program as much, if not more, than in the 15 years prior. This growth canvases so much terrain from expanded perspective, stronger discipline, and a deeper level of confidence.

A career-changing program:
My leadership growth has allowed me to take more on, be seen as a leader, and contribute fully to the business. Medtronic is the largest company that I've worked for, and I am proud to say that I've found a way to be near the executive table so I can share my perspective.

Developing leadership and managing change:
I have a much stronger ability to form and articulate the bigger picture. This certainly helps in leading major projects or navigating change initiatives.

The MAOL program helped me find...
"My inner-leader" – it was always there but I probably never knew when it should or could surface.