Students interact during class.

maol at st. kate's

"I've probably grown in the two years that I've been in the MAOL program as much, if not more, than in the 15 years prior."
— Jill Collins '10

Master of Arts in Organizational
Leadership at St. Kate's

The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) at St. Catherine University educates women and men to engage the heart, mind and spirit of an organization — its people. Effective, ethical and enduring leadership practices are woven into every MAOL course. You'll identify your strengths as a leader and enhance your ability to make courageous and wise decisions that move your organization forward.

Advance your career — and your life

We meet you where you are, both professionally and personally. Are you a manager who wants to advance in your organization? Do people naturally turn to you to help build consensus or transform ideas into action? We can help you develop the confidence and skills to get where you want to go.

Become part of a legacy of shaping leaders

St. Catherine University educates students to lead and influence. Founded as a college for women in 1905, St. Kate's opened its doors to graduate students — women and men — in 1983. The MAOL was the first graduate leadership program in the country when it was launched in 1986. Since then, hundreds of graduates have gone on to successful careers as effective, ethical, enduring leaders in business, nonprofit, government and other organizations.

Discover the strengths of values-driven teamwork

Our unique curriculum integrates ethics and social justice, drawing from the Catholic heritage of the University and complemented by contemporary leadership values, including collaboration and interpersonal connections. Contemporary leadership is about thinking critically, synthesizing information and taking a holistic view to grow both professionally and personally. It's about long-term, enduring values.

Invest in a degree that pays off

Whether you're trying to move up, discover a new direction or re-energize your career, the MAOL is a valuable investment. The program gives you practical tools and life-changing strategies that can make the difference between sticking with the status quo and taking the next step in your career. The program's students and faculty — who are also professionals and leaders — will offer you a highly valuable network during your studies and long after you graduate.

Engage in dynamic, rigorous learning

The educational programs at St. Catherine will both reward and challenge you. The MAOL is led by an accomplished faculty and enhanced by fellow students from many fields who share their substantial experience. Learning is hands-on and pragmatic. You will apply your learning immediately to your career and your life. And you will deepen your skills of critical analysis and communication. Our University has a tradition of responding with agility to the changing marketplace, the world and our students' lives.

Integrate your education and your life

MAOL courses meet weekends and evenings to fit into your busy professional and personal life. Most courses meet two or three times per month. You determine your own pace and schedule, choose how many courses to take at a time and select a concentration to meet your unique professional goals.