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Master of Arts Program

The Master of Arts in Holistic Health Studies will introduce you to concepts of alternative healing and help you achieve greater insight into the field.

Program Requirements

The following courses are required of all MAHS students:

  • HHS 6700: Foundations of Holistic Health and Wellness
  • HHS 6720: Complementary/Alternative Approaches to Healthcare
  • HHS 6730: Culture as a Resource in Health and Healing
  • HHS 6740: Spiritual Wellness
  • HHS 6760: Ecology and Health
  • HHS 6820: Movement, Relaxation and Health
  • HHS 7500: Core Concepts in Mind/Body Interactions
  • HHS 7520: Women and Holistic Health
  • HHS 7620: Organizing for Social Change
  • HHS 7710: Alternative Approaches to Nutrition
  • HHS 8900: Quantitative and Qualitative Research: Mindful Inquiry
  • HHS 8920: Practicum and Integrative Seminar
  • HHS 8940: Research Methods and Statistics
  • HHS 8980: Research Seminar

The following course work must be completed by the fall semester of your second year in the program:

  • Psychology (one course)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (one course)

For detailed course descriptions, visit the courses page.

Plan of study

In addition, students will choose 9 credits from the following courses to create a plan of study:

  • HHS 6982: Holistic Entrepreneurship
  • HHS 6983: Perspectives of Health and Healing in India
  • HHS 7800: Mindfulness-Based Meditation
  • HHS 7830: Energy Healing I
  • HHS 7835: Energy Healing II
  • HHS 7900: Herbology
  • Independent Study