Secondary (5–12) Concentration

The secondary concentration allows you to earn licensure to teach students in grades 5–12 in a specific subject area.

Requirements for Secondary Licensure

The following courses are required for all students seeking secondary licensure. In addition to these courses, you will also choose a content area with additional undergraduate course requirements. These courses must be completed in advance of starting the graduate-level education courses.

Upon admission, you will work with an adviser to tailor a course sequence to fit your individual needs. Enrollment in the Secondary Licensure graduate coursework begins in the Spring semester.

Fall Term

  • Prerequisite Courses See Prerequisite Course Requirements below
  • Content Area Courses if needed

Spring Term

  • EDUC 5070 Teachers as Leaders for a Changing Society
  • EDUC 5090 General Methods: Secondary
  • EDUC 7450 Literature for Young Adults (CAL only)
  • EDUC 6650 Introduction to Action Research
  • Fieldwork

Fall Term

  • EDUC 5490 School Health and Chemical Health
  • EDUC 7551 Literacy in the Content Areas
  • *EDUC 774X Discipline Specific Middle Level Methods
  • EDUC 775X Discipline Specific Senior High Methods
  • Fieldwork

Spring Term

  • EDUC 7650 Current Issues in Education
  • EDUC 7950 Student Teaching and Seminar: Secondary

Fall Term

  • EDUC 7910 Student Teaching and Seminar Middle Level
  • EDUC 6700 Integration Seminar
  • EDUC 8900 Action Research Project

Courses numbered below 5000 are undergraduate courses; courses 5000 and above are graduate courses. For detailed course descriptions, visit the Graduate Academic Catalog or the Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

Prerequisite Course Requirements

  • PSYC 1001 General Psychology
  • PSYC 2025 Lifespan Developmental Psychology

*Chemistry and Life Science candidates wishing to complete Middle Level General Science will need to add EDUC 7742 Special Methods Middle School Science. You must complete all middle level content courses to be eligible for this course. You must also complete EDUC 7910 Student Teaching Middle School in the semester following secondary student teaching.

Content Areas

Students must choose a content in a specific subject area: