Health Information

 Ben Brown ’08

Choosing a Catholic education: Before moving to Minnesota, Ben Brown had grown up in Liberia where he attended Catholic elementary and secondary schools.

“I knew Catholic schools were top of the line,” he says. So when it came to choosing a college, St. Kate’s was his top choice. “St. Kate’s is a private institution with a small group of students in the classroom. You interact with your professors very frequently, unlike many public institutions,” Ben says.

Being a guy at St. Kate’s: “Originally, I had heard St. Kate’s was a school for girls. But I have no discomfort being a guy here.”

Surprises in health information: “Not very many students know about health information. You interact with doctors, and you extract records for medical billing and for medical research purposes. You can go into any healthcare facility and find a job—a clinic, a drug company, a hospital human resources department where you can design forms.”

The lessons of tutoring: Ben had a campus job as a peer tutor because of his academic strength and people skills. Aside from teaching others, the job taught him a few things: “I’ve learned to keep an open mind. Don’t pre-judge people. Just because another person needs help, don’t assume they aren’t capable,” Ben says.

St. Kate’s helpful by degrees: Ben Brown graduated in 2008 and found it easy to get a job. “The moment you announce where you graduated from, you know you will be one of the first candidates they choose from because of the prestige of St. Kate’s.”