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To sell to another company or organization, you have to understand all aspects of business — not just sales. That's why St. Kate's provides the fundamentals of business through required courses in accounting, communications, finance, management, marketing, economics, business law, psychology or sociology and statistical analysis.

Below is a sample academic plan. You can work with an advisor to tailor it to your interest.

CORE 1000: The Reflective Woman*
PSYC 1001: General Psychology OR SOCI 1000: Principles and Concepts
HIST: History course*
ENGL: English literature course*
EXSS: Exercise and sport science activity course*

SALE 2330: Introduction to Selling
COMM 1030: Speaking to Lead and Influence
MKTG 2300: Introduction to Marketing
MATH 1070: Finite Math

ACCT 2110: Financial Accounting
ECON 2250: Statistical Analysis for Economics and Business
LANG: Foreign language course*
EXSS: Exercise and sport science activity course*

SALE 3330: Professional Sales
ACCT 2130: Managerial Accounting
ECON 2620: Principles of Macroeconomics
LANG: Foreign language course*

SALE 3630: Ethics and Integrity in Sales
SALE 3430: Customer Intelligence and Effective Comm.
BIOL/CHEM/PHYS: Lab science course*
WOST/CRST: Women’s studies or critical studies course*

BUSI 3650: Business Law
ACCT 3210: Financial Management
EXSS: Exercise and sport science activity*
Fine arts course*

SALE 4430: Advanced Sales
SALE 4602 or 4604: Internship
MKTG 4300: Advanced Marketing
PHIL/THEO: Philosophy or theology course*

CORE 3990: Global Search for Justice
SALE 4630: Sales Force Leadership
SALE 4752 or 4754: Business Practicum
PHIL/THEO: Philosophy or theology course*

For detailed course descriptions, visit the courses page.

Recommended electives

Electives relevant to the business-to-business sales major include:

  • BUSI 4490: Business Policy Formulation
  • BUSI 4752: Business Practicum (additional)
  • MGMT 2400: Principles of Management
  • MGMT 3400: Advanced Management
  • MKTG 3350: Buyer Behavior & Market Research

Writing requirements

Business-to-business sales majors satisfy the Writing Requirement for Majors by completing SALE 4630: Sales Force Leadership. You complete the Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Writing Requirement with three other writing-intensive courses (CORE 1000 and CORE 3990, and any other writing-intensive course in Business Administration or another department).

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