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STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is offered as a certificate.

STEM in Elementary Education

St. Kate’s STEM in elementary education certificate provides the skills and knowledge necessary to be competent, confident, and comfortable promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the elementary classroom.

Throughout the program, you’ll participate in teaching and learning experiences that equip you to implement innovative teaching practices and integrated STEM curriculum in schools.

The coursework required to earn the STEM certification from St. Kate’s includes the following six classes.

  • Environmental Biology

  • Physics and Engineering for Educator

  • Earth and Space Science for Educators

  • Mathematical Structures

  • Methods and Materials in Mathematics

  • Methods and Material in Science

These courses are cross-disciplinary and will provide you with hands-on, problem-based learning experiences that you can integrate into your classroom.

College for Women 2018 graduates

Upon completion of the certification in STEM Elementary Education Certificate, you will be prepared to not only provide STEM instruction, but to help facilitate wider use of integrated STEM curriculum within schools, districts, and other educational settings. You will be poised to lead as a STEM advocate at the start of your career in education.