Parking & Transportation

Parking and transportation services on or around the St Kate's campuses.

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    Parking Options on Campus

    Permit parking is provided 7 days per week, between 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Guest parking permits can be obtained through the Public Safety office.

Parking Enforcement

Over the past several years, our Department of Public Safety (DPS) has seen a marked increase in the number of St. Paul campus parking violations from students, faculty and staff. The department also reports that the number of past due/unpaid citations has reached an all-time high, with some community members receiving as many as 50 tickets. These two statistics, along with the fact that improper use of parking spaces by community members negatively impacts everything from daily class schedules to new student recruitment, not to mention the safety of all who use our campus, demand that we implement a more structured parking enforcement policy.

Vehicle Immobilization for Repeat Violations

Beginning Sunday, May 7, all unregistered vehicles with 5 or more citations, found to be parked in violation, will be immobilized using what is commonly referred to as a "boot." This device immobilizes a vehicle, making it not drive-able until the device is removed. Once a boot has been placed on a vehicle, it can only be removed when all outstanding violation fees have been paid-in-full. Please take a moment to review the campus parking regulations to ensure you are familiar with appropriate parking spaces for your permit type.

Student & Faculty Parking

Students and faculty/staff parking on campus should purchase a permit type that fits their needs.

Parking Permits

Visitor Parking on Campus

Visitors will need a parking permit to park on our two campuses.

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  • Transportation Services

    Don't have a car? Not in the mood to drive? No problem.

    Whether around campus, or around town, you have options!

Metro Transit — Minnesota Rideshare

This free service links people interested in carpooling and cutting down on travel costs, emissions and road congestion. Metro Transit does the hard part by assisting with matching those who travel the same direction and time. Carpoolers can also use freeway express lanes, qualify for the Guaranteed Ride Home program and may qualify for free or reduced-price parking, depending on their work or school location.

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Go-To Student College Pass

Whether it’s to class, work or fun, make a smart choice and get around town with a College Pass for an entire semester at one low price. Provides unlimited rides on city buses and the light rail anywhere in the metro area. And for your convenience it can be purchased at St. Kate's Info Desk!

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Inter-Campus Shuttle

Free inter-campus transportation between St. Catherine University and the University of St. Thomas.

Shuttle stops:

  • St. Catherine (St. Paul campus): Butler Center, south entrance
  • St. Catherine (Minneapolis campus): 25th Avenue South, front courtyard
  • St. Thomas: On Summit Avenue in front of Aquinas Hall