Dr. Alan Silva, Dean, School of Humanities, Arts and Sciences
Dr. Alan Silva
Dean, School of Humanities, Arts and Sciences


Welcome to the School of Humanities, Arts and Sciences. We are the central location of the humanities, arts and sciences programs of study and the primary caretakers and stewards of the St. Catherine University liberal arts core curriculum.

The School of Humanities, Arts and Sciences (SHAS) is home to more than 25 majors and 30 minors in the humanities, visual and performing arts, and natural and social sciences. It is also the home for the first graduate program of St. Kate’s, the Master of Arts in Theology, and for the Associate of Arts two-year program in Minneapolis.

We offer some of the most popular majors for students, including psychology, English and biology, and numerous other programs in history and social studies, political science and sociology, chemistry and mathematics, and philosophy and theology. Other exciting options include:

  • Major in American Sign Language or interpreting and become connected to the CATIE Center, a nationally recognized hub of innovation in interpreter education.
  • Choose a studio art or art history major and showcase your work in the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery, a vibrant part of the Twin Cities arts community.
  • Connect your international relations program with language study — French, Spanish, Hmong, Latin, Greek — and with a semester-long study abroad program and become fully engaged in the global community.
  • Take up studies in music and perform with the Women’s Choir or participate in the St. Catherine Choral Society accompanied by a professional orchestra.
  • Choose classes in theater and perform in first-rate venues on campus.
  • Enhance your computational skills with courses in computer science.
  • Select an interdisciplinary major in women’s studies or our renowned Critical Studies in Race and Ethnicity program and study issues of gender, class, race and ethnicity from leading experts across multiple disciplines.

Along with offering exciting majors and minors, SHAS provides the core liberal arts curriculum for all students at St. Catherine University. Known in some circles as “general education,” our core curriculum takes students beyond the general and delves deeply into the heart of learning. We focus on issues of leadership and collaboration, ethics and social justice, diversity and global perspectives, critical and creative inquiry, effective communication and purposeful lifelong learning. The knowledge and skills students acquire prepare them to be successful in a highly complex world, one in which adaptability, global understanding, critical thinking, and the desire and capacity to work toward social change are essential.

Regardless of which major you choose or courses you select, as a student you will be working in an exciting learning community with award-winning faculty who are genuinely committed to your professional and personal development. Our teacher-scholars purposefully integrate career development experiences, community-based action research and volunteer service opportunities into their courses. They mentor and collaborate with students in undergraduate research projects. They integrate global learning into on-campus curricula and take students abroad to dozens of countries. They supervise internships, work with students in the field on scientific projects, team teach classes in the honors and STEM programs, and spend countless hours advising and preparing students for prestigious post-graduate scholarships, graduate and professional schools, and careers in hundreds of different fields.

Read our spotlight stories. Take a look at our key initiatives. Study our list of majors and minors. Chances are you will find an exciting program designed for you in the School of Humanities, Arts and Sciences.  Welcome home.

Alan J. Silva, Ph.D.
Dean of the School of Humanities, Arts and Sciences