The Crepeau sisters in Tanzania.

Laura Crepeau SP'16 (left) and sister Renee Crepeau SP'13 in Tanzania.

10 Facts about the Charismatic Crepeaus

Renee's last year at St. Kate's is Laura's first

By Pauline Oo

Renee Crepeau SP'13
Major: Marketing and management; international business and economics
Age: 22
Height: 5'3"
Shoe size: 6
Fun fact: She can moonwalk.

Laura Crepeau SP'16
Major: Biochemistry
Age: 19
Height: 5'8"
Shoe size: 10 1/2
Fun fact: She's a swing dancer.

They shared a tent on the Serengeti.
The sisters traveled to Tanzania for J-term 2013. They learned about the history and biology of the Serengeti region, and had experiences with members of the Hadza and Maasai tribes. "We were always the first ones to pack up our tent and get to breakfast," says Laura. "Renee is super-efficient, like me, and we know just by looking at each other what the other is going to do or not do."

Their father sells fire trucks.
Mike Crepeau is a fire-truck salesman — and a volunteer fireman. "All the neighbor kids called him Fireman Mike, "Renee recalls. "He took them on rides in the fire truck, and he also wore his uniform on Halloween and handed out candy." Their mother, Patty, is an elementary school teacher.

They weren't supposed to be Katies.
St. Kate's was their father's idea. "I was looking at colleges on the East Coast because I didn't want to go where he wanted me to go," Renee concedes. She went to St. Kate's Overnight Preview during senior year of high school just to get her dad off her back.

It was Renee who sold Laura on St. Kate's. "I didn't want to go to St. Kate's because my sister was there," Laura says. "I was actually mad when she left me for college, but it turned out to be a blessing because I could figure out my own path. I thought I needed to be away from her to continue this growth."

Renee got permission for Laura to sit in on some St. Kate's classes. The younger sister left wanting more.

They enjoy sibling dinners.
Every Monday and Tuesday evening over winter semester, the sisters and their older brother, Marc, ate together in the dining hall. (Renee lived in Georgia Apartments; Laura in St. Mary Hall; Marc, a graduate student at the University of St. Thomas, commuted from their hometown in Elk River.)

They are busy people.
In her last semester at St. Kate's, Renee carried 17 credits and had a part-time job on campus and an internship at 3M. She also was Student Senate president, a resident advisor, a Eucharistic Minister at Sunday Mass in the Chapel and a member of the Business Honor Society.

Laura took 38 credits in her first year — 21 in winter semester alone — with courses in calculus, biology and chemistry, plus she had a part-time campus job, sang at Sunday Mass and served on the Senate Environmental Issues Task Force.

They're athletes — and bakers, too.
Renee competed at the state level in cross-country and Nordic skiing in high school. Laura pursued long-distance running, pole vaulting and Nordic skiing. Who's the better baker? Hard to say: Laura bakes great cookies; cupcakes are Renee's forte.

They tutor each other.
"Renee's good with English and helps me write papers," notes her sister. "Marc and I help her with biology and physics."

They can share pants.
"My capris are Renee's long pants," Laura laughs. Growing up, the sisters squabbled about clothes — until their mother said: "If you share, you have twice as many clothes."

They have a plan.
Renee hopes to earn a law degree and/or an MBA. Laura has dreamed of being a doctor since kindergarten. In their perfect world, Marc, who works for Medtronic and has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, will design the medical devices, Renee will sell them and Laura will implant them.

They really are best friends.
The sisters talk at least once a day, even briefly. Sibling rivalry is not an issue. Says Laura: "Renee has been my role model for 19 years. It will be hard not to have her on campus." Adds Renee: "Laura is hilarious and very smart. She's also got a good heart and the ability to commit to whatever she believes in."

The other sisters of
St. Kate's

In addition to the Crepeau sisters (pictured), St. Catherine University has at least 4,685 other sisters who are alumnae.

Here is a small sample:

Anita and Annette Pampusch

In 1984, Anita Pampusch SP'62, Ph.D. was named St. Kate's first laywoman and ninth president. Her sister, Annette Pampusch Conklin, graduated from St. Kate's two years before her. Their great-grandfather Frank Pampusch was one of the carpenters responsible for the millwork in Derham Hall.

Joan and Bonnie Jean Kelly

Joan Kelly SP'46 is a generous benefactor of the University. In 2006, she established the Bonnie Jean Kelly and Joan Kelly Faculty Excellence Award in honor of her older sister, Bonnie Jean, who died while a student at St. Kate's.

The Arndt sisters

Fulbright scholar Jordyn Arndt SP'11 is currently studying the impact of economic globalization on Moroccan women in the textiles and clothing sector. Devon ArndtSP'14 is majoring in international business and economics, while Alexa Arndt SP'16 is a public health major.

Green twins

Tanell and Tamell Green, both communication studies majors graduating in 2015, spent this academic year (2012–13) studying abroad in Taiwan.

The Luedtke sisters

Kelsey Luedtke SP'12 majored in nursing and played for the Wildcats softball team. Her sisters, Kaitlyn SP'15 and Alyssa SP'14, have followed in her footsteps — both are nursing majors on the softball team.

The Crepeau sisters in Tanzania.

Renee Crepeau, with little sister Laura.