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October 2010
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Dear Friends,

My senior staff loves to tease me about being an inveterate website "troller." I love talking to them about the panoply of insights gleaned from nocturnal strolls around other universities' websites. I might come upon "best in class" faculty handbooks; a striking home page; news bulletins of major grants; well-written features on faculty or student achievements; descriptions of new academic programs. Or I might just be trying to "catch the spirit" of a competitor.

Browse through our website, and you'll see what a complex, comprehensive, vibrant and interesting place St. Catherine is.

I'm engaged — no doubt — and so I "click through" to uncover a treasure of information about students, faculty, programs, sports, arts and campus culture, and perhaps an idea or two worth pursuing or adapting. An endless adventure and, before you know it, the night is far gone and I'm a tired but happy, and hopefully more informed, president.

So why not take an afternoon or evening yourself, type www.stkate.edu into your browser and start clicking your way toward discovering more than you ever imagined or knew about St. Catherine University? You'll be amazed to see what a complex, comprehensive, vibrant and interesting place St. Catherine is.

You might chance upon a whole array of graduate programs you did not realize we offered; a story about interior designer Annie Ballantine '05 and her invitation to help decorate the White House for Christmas; or the Wildcats' sports schedules and game results. You can find out how to apply for admission — and actually apply. You even can explore the entire catalog.

Click on "More St. Kate's News" on the home page and you're off exploring fascinating stories about faculty research, student achievement and more. A few more clicks and you're perusing The O'Shaughnessy event roster with its eclectic array of offerings, from a one-night production of My Antonia to Irish dancing and Chinese theater. You can click your way to learning about the new Alumnae Relations programs in the Twin Cities and across the nation.

You can discover that St. Kate's offers over 150 short-term, semester- and year-long programs in more than 50 countries and how to prepare for a career interview or change your career. Then take a look at "Quick Facts" or find your way to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) blog, which discusses St. Kate's two years of preparation for the University's decennial accreditation visit in 2013. Read St. Catherine's Strategic Plan, 2020 Vision, and find out where we're headed. Or, for the most fun, find your way to the Marketing and Communications homepage and click on the "Flickr" link to peruse the photo library.

St. Kate's website is never ending and ever changing. But websites don't just fall into place by themselves. We have a skilled and attentive staff in Marketing and Communications (affectionately known as "Marcom"), and each one of them works hard to keep up on cam-pus events and keep the website current. They deserve our thanks, especially because our website provides much more than an entertaining evening of exploring. It is a vital electronic communications tool in our work to attract talented students, donors and friends to St. Catherine. We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions on our website. It is always a "work in progress," and one that is expanding every day.

When you get tired of pointing and clicking, don't worry. There's always this issue of SCAN, and it's a good one. So make yourself a cup of tea and turn the page. There's more to learn and know about this wonderful and amazing place. As winter digs in its heels, throw a log on the fire and enjoy the read from your coziest chair.

She, woodcut, 23"x31"

President Andrea J. Lee, IHM

Mission Statement

St. Catherine University educates students to lead and influence. Inspired by its visionary founding in 1905 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, more than a century later the University serves diverse students, with a baccalaureate college for women at its heart and graduate and associate programs for women and men.

At all degree levels, St. Catherine integrates liberal arts and professional education within the Catholic tradition, emphasizing intellectual inquiry and social teaching, and challenging students to transformational leadership. Committed to excellence and opportunity, St. Catherine University develops ethical, reflective and socially responsible leaders, informed by the philosophy of the women's college and the spirit of the founders.

Vision Statement

To be a leading Catholic university distinguished by its innovative spirit and premier baccalaureate College for women.